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The Russian Direct Investment Fund announced that Moscow had received requests to export 1.2 billion doses of its Coronavirus / Covid-19 / “Sputnik V” vaccine to other countries.

“In terms of international concern, we have received requests to export more than one billion and 200 million doses of the vaccine,” said Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Direct Investment Fund, during a press conference today.

Dmitriev expressed his hope that Russia would reach, by late December, the level of production of 10 million doses of “Sputnik V” vaccine per month, which would allow the vaccination of all those who wish to do so within the country within six to nine months.

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He added: “Without any doubt, Russia will become the first country in the world to successfully guarantee a campaign to vaccinate all its citizens from the Corona virus.”

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that a second anti-epidemic vaccine would soon be registered.

It is noteworthy that Russia registered the first vaccine against the Corona virus in the world, “Sputnik”, last month, which was developed by the Gamali Center and was produced jointly with the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

At the time, President Putin expressed his aspiration to launch the quantitative production of the Russian vaccine against the virus in the near future.

The World Health Organization commented on the Russian vaccine by saying that it is looking forward to reviewing the clinical trials of the possible Russian vaccine against Corona … and made it clear that it is in contact with Russian scientists and the Russian authorities, and looks forward to reviewing the details of the experiments, confirming that it welcomes all developments in the ongoing research on vaccines against Covid-19.