Suhail Exhibition 2020

The Katara International Hunting and Falconry Exhibition (Sohail 2020), in its fourth edition, attracts falconers, amateurs and interested people in Qatar and the world, especially after the great success of the previous three editions, and has established its global reputation as an ideal destination for lovers of hunting and falcons, and as a major commercial platform for international companies to display all supplies and products related to hunting Supplies for falcons and the need for road trips.

The exhibition, in its new version, showed a new and distinguished group of accompanying events and activities that meet the needs of falconers, amateurs and those interested, through the participation of (120) companies specialized in hunting weapons, hunting supplies, falcons, and local and international trips, representing 12 Arab and foreign countries, in addition to the host country, Qatar.

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The organizing committee of the exhibition was keen to select the entities and companies participating in the current edition, as the major leading companies in the field of falcons and sniper requirements were attracted, locally, regionally and internationally. Quality and diversity and providing everything new and innovative to interested and visitors, in addition to using quantitative and qualitative criteria for the participants with the latest types of weapons and the best equipment and products in the world of hunting and sniping trips.

The current Suhail 2020 exhibition is an important economic and marketing platform, as it provides an opportunity for specialized international companies to display their best equipment and products to the public, as the organizing committee has allocated distinct pavilions that occupy large and sufficient areas on which falcon auction pavilions are distributed, participating companies and exhibitors specializing in hunting weapons and sniping trips Falconry and falconry exhibition and sale stands, in addition to shops that display traditional industries and handicrafts associated with hunting and falconry supplies, as well as cultural programs and accompanying heritage events.

For his part, Mr. Faisal Abdullah, one of the participants in the exhibition, valued Katara’s tireless efforts to launch “Suhail 2020” because it provides a valuable opportunity to market products for hunting, hunting and trekking purposes, which put in the hands of fishing enthusiasts the best services that combine all the factors of comfort, pleasure and luxury in Their road trips in a stimulating atmosphere of competition.

For his part, Mr. Hugo Martins, one of the participants from Portugal, expressed his happiness to participate in this annual exhibition, which has an important place on the map of international exhibitions specialized in fishing and sniper tools.

The Suhail Exhibition (2020), which will continue until the day after tomorrow, Saturday, is a distinctive and new addition as it is one of the most prominent events and heritage exhibitions hosted by the Cultural Village Foundation, after establishing its presence as a distinctive global station and a cultural, economic and heritage meeting that attracts lovers of hunting and excursions, falconers and snipers from Qatar And all countries of the world.

The organization of the exhibition came on the heels of entering the fourth stage of lifting the precautionary restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, Covid-19, and according to advanced mechanisms developed by the exhibition management for precautionary measures to prevent Corona virus, and in accordance with safety standards and safe shopping, through strict application of social distancing rules, And continuous sterilization.