Artist Fahd Al-Kubaisi on the second evening of the Qatari Song Night

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The Center for Music Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports held tonight the second part of the celebration of “The Night of the Qatari Song”, in its second edition, held over two days under the slogan “Confused Oh My Country, Shahdelj”, at the Qatar National Convention Center stage.

The ceremony was attended by His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, a number of officials in the ministry, guests of the ceremony, and a gathering of those interested in applying precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19), as the number of the audience in each session does not exceed the percentage specified by the Ministry of Health.

At the end, the night of the Qatari song carried a message of peace to the world from Qatari creators, as the artwork / peace / produced by the National Day Celebrations Committee was written by the poet Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali and composed by Matar Ali, and the singers Fahad Al-Kubaisi and Issa Al-Kubaisi who performed an artistic performance. The song addressed the conscience of humanity to protect our children from the unknown destinies as a result of wars and raging disputes in our Arab world.

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Tonight, the audience enjoyed the sweetest tunes chanted by a group of singers and singers in Qatar with a group of Qatari song stars, with the participation of music groups from Qatar and Turkey, led by Kuwaiti maestro Dr. Ahmed Hamdan.

The heritage of the Qatari song was strongly present tonight, as a group of singers sailed to perform a group of songs that dwelt in the national memory, such as standing at your door, brown eyes and wide, we pray for you, Doha, confused, oh my country, Shahdelj /, which bore the slogan of the celebration.

Tonight, Saud Jassim sang two songs from the poems of Abdullah Al-Nasser and composed by Matar Ali, and a song absent from the poems and melodies of Khaled Zaini, and the singer Ayel sang from his compositions a song that passes the life and from the words of the poet Ali Al-Hajjaji, and the singer Rahma Riad presented a song “Oh the land of loyalty and love. Mona Al-Kuwari, Maysa Al-Saadi, composed by Khaled Al-Salem, and Khaled Salem Turki sang a great song from Hammoud Al-Shammari’s poetry, composed by Ahmed Abdul Rahim, and a song “Abandoned” by the poet Khalifa Jumah and composed by Salem Turki. As for the singer Saad Hamad, he presented two songs in which I mean from his melodies and poems Abdullah Al-Kuwari, and the remembrance of Zaman, written and composed by the late musician Abdulaziz Nasser.

The audience also enjoyed the performance of the singer Mansour Al-Mohannadi in the first two songs he presented for the first time, which is if we meet the poet Hamad Al-Baridi and composed by Anwar Abdullah, and the song “Ya Layali Al-Hob” by the poet Meshaal Al-Thayer, and composed by Fahd Nasser, and the singer and composer Ahmed Ali chose to return to the heritage. The artist Saqr Saleh also presented the song “Tafraqna” by the poet Talal Al-Saeed, composed by the late Abdulaziz Nasser.

The night of the Qatari song celebrated the presentation of a new Qatari talent, namely Aisha Al-Zayani, who sang the night met with the participation of the artist Ahmed Abdul Rahim, and it is one of the poems and composed by Fahd Al-Mursal, and the singer Fahd Al-Kubaisi presented two songs: Yama I told you, to the poet Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani and composed by Abdullah Al-Mannai, and the song Without our dignity to the poet Zayed bin Cruz and composed by Abdullah Al-Mannai, Issa Al-Kubaisi presented two songs, God forgives from his melodies and the words of Modi, and the second does not explain to the poet Fahd Al-Morsal and Fahd Al-Hajjaji composed before the night ends with the artistic work of peace.

At the end of the ceremony, His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, honored two pioneers of the Qatari song, Dr. Marzouq Bashir, in recognition of his long career and literary role in enriching the musical library with distinguished works in the service of culture and arts in Qatar, and the artist Saqr Saleh, in appreciation of his efforts. His great career and his influential footprint in the field of Qatari song. His Excellency also honored the able Tunisian artist Lotfi Bouchnak and Kuwaiti musician Dr. Ahmed Hamdan.

In his speech, Dr. Marzouq Bashir thanked the Ministry of Culture and Sports for this kind gesture, stressing that the honor includes everyone who made words vibrant and present in the minds of playing, melody and performing, and he also dedicated the honor to the spirit of the late musician Abdulaziz Nasser.

It is worth noting that the night of the Qatari song, which was held for the second year in a row, came to support the Qatari song and encourage the pillars of creativity in it by composers, poets, singers and musicians to present artistic works worthy of its career, in addition to providing the Qatar Music Library with a new artistic production, and informing the new generations about Qatari creativity in old singing And talking.