An exhibition by Palestinian visual artist Nameer Qassem kicked off Thursday in building 18, at Katara – the Cultural Village.
The opening ceremony was attended by Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, Palestinian ambassador to Qatar Munir Ghannam, a number of diplomatic missions’ representatives and other guests.
The artist has chosen the bag element that plays the main role in all artworks in the conceptual art style.

Artworks from the exhibition

Qassem said that “the bag is multi-shaped and multi-coloured to comfortably carry our needs, we take it with us wherever we go. The bag is like us in terms of content. The bag is like its owner. Suddenly the bag turns from a means of comfort into a huge burden on its Palestinian owner! Because of the checkpoints and barriers imposed by the occupation, to play the role of the suspect.”
The artist chose the school bag particularly because school students became more targeted than others.
Qassem said the bag will represent Palestine in general, and the division it is facing. The bag will represent Jerusalem in particular, and the isolation and control it is suffering, and the permanent accusation and investigation experienced by its Jerusalem residents, especially the children.
“The ‘Suspicion’ project is an attempt to depict the reality of the Holy City and the arrogance of its surveillance cameras to monitor the tension it spreads in the sky and the days of Jerusalemites, suppress their laughter in the streets, and besieges them in a continuous cycle of accusation, all suspects until proven otherwise.
“The ‘Suspicion’ project is a dedication to the spirit of the martyr ‘Nadim Nawara’ who rose while still holding his school bag and to the souls of the Palestinian martyrs, children and minor prisoners.”