A Somali woman has been awarded a sentence of 1 year’s imprisonment and subsequent deportation from the country by a Criminal Court here in Doha. The woman was proved guilty of impersonating a police officer and extorting money from a taxi driver who was working for a private franchise.

According to a report published in the local Arabic daily Arrayah, the taxi driver had tried to be a Good Samaritan and stopped his taxi in Doha’s Al Sadd area as he felt the defendant needed a ride. However, upon boarding the taxi the woman claimed to be a police officer and asked the driver to produce his documents such as driving license and registration papers. The driver was only able to produce his license and told the woman that the registration papers were at the company office.

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The defendant then asked the victim to drive to the Al Rayyan Traffic Department and upon arrival she asked the driver to pay her a sum of QR6000 and eventually settled for QR400 as that is all the driver was carrying, after which she asked him to drive her to another area.

Upon investigations the police was able to zero-in on the defendant and upon interrogation she confessed to her crime. The court was able to convict her on the basis of the confession and other evidence against her.