17 May 2018 – 0:00

QIIB announces attractive Ramadan offers

The Peninsula

DOHA: QIIB has announced the launch of three attractive products – personal finance, vehicle finance, and credit cards- to the customers on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan. These offers are in line with the QIIB’s policy of offering flexible products to the customers according to their expectationsto meetand meeting their expectationscustomer expectations and offering flexible products to the customers.

Customers who would like to get a personal finance, can obtain it at a competitive profit rate (the fixed profit rate starts at 2.69 percent and goes up to 5 percent), with a grace period of up to 12 months for Qataris and three months for permanent residents. With each finance amounting to QR100,000, every customer will earn up to 4,000 QIIB points that can be used for the purchase of airline tickets to a destination of one’s choice.

QIIB vehicle finance offer comprises great features, under which the fixed profit rate amounts to 2.55 percent to 4.78 percent, with a grace period of up to 12 months for Qataris and three months for permanent residents. Also, with each loan amounting to QR100,000, every customer will earn up to 4000 QIIB points.

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The vehicle offer covers different types of brand new and secondhand cars of less than five years.

QIIB credit card offer during the Holy Month of Ramadan enables customers to benefit from a zero percent profit rate for up to three months on the rounded off amounts, and earn 25 percent of additional points. The offer covers all QIIB cards – ‘Wajaha’, ‘Diyafa’ and ‘Platinum’ cards.

Commenting on the offers Jamal Abdullah Al Jamal (pictured) QIIB Deputy CEO stated: “Every year, we welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan with our dear customers in a special way that meets their expectations, by providing them with innovative finance offers, low profit rates, flexible mode of repayment, along with a host of features, in the hope of fulfilling their needs and achieving their satisfaction”.

He said: “We wanted the Ramadan offers this year to be of a significant addition to the high-class services we provide, especially in terms of the profit rates that are considered to be the best in the market currently, with a sufficient grace period and an opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for airline tickets. This assumes significance because the offer coincides with the summer period and the forthcoming holidays”.

The Deputy CEO said, QIIB continuously responds to various market factors and selects the best for its customers, and endeavors to stay by their side and help them meet their needs and expectations with the best profit rates in the market, coupled with innovated and integral services. This policy contributed to the continuous expansion of the customer base, which has prompted the bank to launch more features-packed plans that benefit the QIIB’s swelling customer base.

“We are keen on meeting our customer needs and rewarding them for their loyalty. And we guarantee the fastest, easiest, and most flexible procedures of loan approval, in accordance with the best international standards in this field,” Al Jamal said.