Europe’s solar eclipse: live updates

An eclipse is darkening parts of Europe on Friday in a rare solar event that won’t be repeated for more than a decade. The eclipse – when the moon passes between the earth and the sun – follows a 5,800-kilometer path.

Skywatchers have flocked to the remote Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic and Svalbard in the Arctic for a chance to glimpse the total eclipse but it will still be visible in more populous parts of Europe.

The eclipse will be vary in degrees from about 97 percent in Iceland to about 78 percent in Paris, where experts say it will be less noticeable.
“It won’t get very dark because even at 20 percent, the sun still brightens up (the sky) a lot,” Patrick Rocher of the IMCCE astronomy institute in France told AFP. “What will be different is that the light will come from a crescent-shaped sun.”

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In Berlin, for example, the eclipse begins at 8:39 UTC – reaching its zenith at 9:48 UTC and be over by 10:59 UTC.
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Source News: DW