UNICEF says 80 percent of Yemenis need aid

A girl waits for her turn to fill buckets with water from a public tap amid an acute shortage of water, in Sanaa, Yemen.

Eighty percent of Yemen’s population, or more than 20 million people, need some form of humanitarian assistance as Arab air strikes and civil war ravage the impoverished country, aid agency UNICEF said on Thursday.

The figure is up by almost 5 million people since the organization’s latest report last week.

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For over 11 weeks, an Arab military coalition has been bombing the Houthi militia, the dominant group in Yemen at the moment, in a bid to restore the country’s exiled president to power and support local fighters resisting the Houthi advance in battlefields nationwide.

The alliance’s de facto blockade of Yemen’s air space and ports has cut off supplies of food and fuel to the parched country, where gas-powered pumps providing water for drinking and sanitation now lie mostly inoperable.
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Source News: Alarabiya
File photo: AP