Somalia car bombing: Al-Shabaab claims responsibility as 10 dead after gunmen storm police HQ

At least 10 people have been killed including four attackers in an assault on Somalia’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility after two suicide car bombs struck the gates of the CID headquarters in Mogadishu before at least two gunmen stormed the building.

“At least 10 people including four militants, five civilians and a soldier died in today’s attack,” Hussein Ali, a police officer, told Reuters.

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Another 15 people were injured, some seriously, he added.

Ali Hassan, a police officer at the Central Investigations Department, said security forces foiled the assault and shot dead the gunmen who tried to storm the heavily fortified security facility.

Witnesses reported hearing two loud explosions before an exchange of gunfire, which lasted around half an hour.

The bodies of four civilians lay in the street near the compound, which was partially destroyed. A kiosk near the wall caught fire.