International ring of drug smugglers jailed after importing £20 million pounds worth of heroin into the UK

An international ring of drug smugglers who imported more than £20 million-worth of heroin in an operation partly orchestrated from a prison cell have been jailed for more than 114 years.

Karaman Saglam, 44, of Cheshunt, became the 11th member of the group convicted when he was jailed today for five years and four months at the Inner London Crown Court.

His sentence follows Arif Bullici, 36, Bilal Bildik, 61, Emra Kosmaz, 40, Diyar Khalid, 39, Kovan Kochar, 25, Gijsbertus Den-Hertog, 49, Cosmina Smetanca, 20, Teddy Bright, 36, Bowy Bitshuangu-Beby, 22 and Charley Bitshuangu, 28, all previously convicted.

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The group were arrested after 48kgs of heroin with a street value of over £20 million was seized by Met Police detectives during an operation to target gangs importing and supplying drugs across London and the south east.

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