Dr. Arafat Shoukri is a senior researcher at Al Jazeera Centre for Studies (AJCS) in Qatar. He received his MA and PhD in oriental studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in 2008.  He joined Al Jazeera Media Network in 2014 to head the corporate relations and communications department. Prior to that he worked in different European institutions studying and highlighting different issues the Middle East and especially the refugees. During his work he visited many countries in the region and met refugees in their camps in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. The findings of the field visits were presented to European politicians, members of parliaments and Arab officials. Dr. Shoukri as an expert on migration, EU-Middle East relations and Arab Israeli conflict participated in many international conferences, seminars and workshops in Europe and the Middle East. He also appeared in many International media outlets and participated in talk shows, interviews and news bulletins. His academic work includes writing articles and publishing two books about the refugees in the Middle East. The first one “Refugee Status in Islam: Concepts of Protection in Islamic Tradition and International Law” was published by I.B. Tauris in 2011 and the second one “Refuge in the Islamic, International and Arab Legislations” is published in Arabic by Al Jazeera Centre for Studies in 2018.