09 May 2018 – 18:36

Gang involved in house thefts arrested


Doha: The Ministry of Interior said arrested a gang of five Asian nationals who specialize in house thefts.

In a press statement, the ministry said the criminal investigation department received reports from a number of people that their homes were stolen.

By intensifying investigations and gathering information about their identity and the manner in which they committed the crimes, it was clear to the security authorities that they are a group of Asian nationality specializing in the theft.

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A security team was formed to arrest the gang and were able to reach the five accused as they were leaving a house, red-handed. The gang was carrying money, expensive watches and tools used to carry out theft and open safe boxes.

The accused confessed to the thefts they committed and informed the police about the places they had robbed. They were then sent to the competent authorities to complete the investigation with them.