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Apply for Tax Exemption
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Tax exemption may be granted to businesses and organizations that:

♦ Contribute to boosting the economy.
♦ Follow the country’s economic targets.
♦ Introduce modern technology.
♦ Help create jobs for Qatari citizens.

The State of Qatar provides tax exemption only to enterprises that are partly or wholly owned by Qatari citizens. Applicants must meet all the criteria outlined in the Income Tax Law to be eligible for tax exemption.

Follow these steps to apply for tax exemption:

♦ Fill out all required forms: Data on the Tax Exemption Applicant; Data from Project; Undertaking; and Tax Exemption Letter.
♦ Provide copies of governmental licenses.
♦ Provide an economic feasibility study along with an executive summary of the project.
♦ Send and address all forms and documents to the Chairman of the Tax Exemption Committee – Ministry of Finance.

Committee Address:

Please submit your application to:
Tax Exemption Committee
Ministry of Finance
P.O. Box 83. Doha, Qatar
Fax: 44435370

Additional Information:

For additional information, please contact the Ministry of Finance. Call 44332863 / 44332811 or e-mail the Tax Exemption Committee.

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