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Ali Sultan Al-Misifi, Director of the Hajj and Umrah Department at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs stressed the importance of registering in applications related to performing Umrah before heading to Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

He said during a telephone interview with the “Our Life” program on Qatar TV this evening, Sunday, that the Umrah procedures are changing in light of the Corona “Covid 19” pandemic, explaining that among these procedures is registration on the “Muqeem” platform 72 hours before entering Saudi Arabia, as well as registration in The “Tawakkalna” and “Umrahna” applications to obtain a permit for Umrah and prayer in the Haram, electronically.

He pointed out that in the event of a defect or problem in the applications of our trust or us that prevents obtaining the electronic permit, the pilgrim must go to the Inaya Center to obtain the “bracelet” (which includes the Umrah permit), pointing out that these procedures also apply to residents, but through offices Umrah approved by the Ministry of Awqaf in Qatar, and there are currently about 11 offices.

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He reiterated the importance of registering in applications related to performing Umrah before heading to Makkah, pointing out that it is a “resident” platform for the data of the Corona “Covid 19” vaccine in terms of the type of vaccine and the date of the first and second doses, and it is necessary to register on this platform before entering Saudi Arabia with 72 hour.

He added: With regard to the Tawakkalna application, it is concerned with the health status of the person or the pilgrim, through which he can enter the Haram to perform the rituals of Umrah, noting that there will be no transfers, whether to hotels or complexes, except with the presence of the Tawakkalna application, which is the same as the Ehtiaz application in Qatar.

It is noteworthy that during a previous statement on October 6, Ali Sultan Al-Misifi explained in response to a question: Is there a request for a permit to perform Umrah? How long does it take for approval? After registering in the Muqeem platforms, we trusted and performed Umrah, and after the person reached the Haram, he goes to a care office to receive a bracelet with a permit for Umrah and on the basis of which he can perform Umrah, and perform the five daily prayers in the Haram, pointing out that a care office is located in approximately 10 hotels in Makkah to facilitate the pilgrims. .