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The American Ladders website revealed that Qatar is the most expensive country in the region in the price of coffee, noting that cafes in Doha charge about $6.79 per cup, while Iran offers the cheapest price of coffee in the region ($0.46).

And the American website said that Qatar comes on top of 4 countries in the Middle East, “Kuwait, Lebanon, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia” among the 10 most expensive places in the world for coffee, however, the two neighboring countries of Turkey and Iran are among the world’s cheapest countries in the price of coffee.
The site indicates in its report that coffee is a traditional symbol of friendship and hospitality in the countries of the region, adding: In the Arab Gulf countries, hot Arabic coffee is served with luxurious dates for guests.
He adds: The Lebanese are among the most consuming people of (Turkish-style) coffee in the Middle East, and they pay more than $5.71 per cup – the third highest price in the region.

Globally, the site reveals that South Korea tops the list of the most expensive countries in the price of a cup of coffee, at about 7.77 dollars, and a cup of coffee in Tokyo, for example, costs 5.29 dollars, and Luxembourg is the largest consumer of coffee in the world.

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The website indicated that the lowest price of coffee is in Tehran at $0.46 a cup, noting that Luxembourg is the largest consumer of coffee in the world, where the individual consumes 11.1 kilograms annually.

The website also pointed out that among the countries that consume the least coffee comes Nepal and India, noting that the per capita consumption of them is less than 0.1 kg on an annual basis.