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The global constructionweek website, which specializes in infrastructure affairs, said that the State of Qatar has a large program for infrastructure and buildings being developed through the Public Works Authority, and the site adds that this program is expected to support the growth and expansion of the local market over the next three years, in addition to expectations that Launching Qatargas’ plans to improve facilities and enhance production during 2022/2032, and according to the site, project contracts are expected to grow from $26.2 billion in 2021 to $27.15 billion in 2022, driven almost exclusively by Ashghal project activity as the authority supports the 2030 plan and provides Economic stimulus to other industries associated with infrastructure projects. According to the site, the much-needed “average market” activity is likely to be in good shape, making Qatar a strong market.

The site adds that as the implications of the infrastructure sector’s broader contribution to GDP emerge by 2023/2024, additional financial commitment in line with Qatar Vision 2030 requirements will be required to boost the market further than current expectations, which has not yet been announced. It is expected that the number of projects in 2022 will be relatively stable, contributing to the gross domestic product to a large extent as a result of the completion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 program and the significant increase in bids for the huge Qatargas project that were awarded in installments during the years 2019/2020.

The year 2021 witnessed a strong focus on implementing projects related to developing regions and citizens’ lands, as 33 projects related to infrastructure development for citizens’ lands were completed at a total cost of 13.7 billion riyals, about $3.7 billion, to serve about 30,000 housing vouchers distributed in 17 regions. The general budget also allocated 72.1 billion riyals for major projects out of the total expenses, and these allocations included the addition of new projects, while continuing work to complete the state’s development projects in various sectors and those related to hosting the 2022 World Cup, in addition to allocations for developing citizens’ lands, and the attendant expenses related to the implementation of infrastructure projects.