Qatar fashion designers offer new twist on abaya designs

As women in the Gulf seek to differentiate themselves through their style of dress, two young Qatar-based fashion designers have recently launched modern abaya collections, offering a new twist on a traditional cultural item.

As the ubiquitous attire for a Khaleeji woman, the abaya remains popular throughout the region.

While black is the original and still the most sought-after color, designers said there is an increasing demand for other shades, as a way of showing individuality and style, while remaining true to local cultural norms.

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Cognizant of this, Maqdeem Al Naama has just launched her second collection of self-designed abayas online.

The 23-year-old Qatari electrical engineer set up her own business earlier this summer, with a short range of 12 different designs under the eponymous label Maqdeem.

The collection includes abayas in subtle shades of gray, beige and brown, in addition to the more traditional black. Al Naama’s designs also incorporate a lot of white and use layering of patterns.

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Source: Doha News
Photo: Mohammed Ramadan