As indicated by the Government Communications Office (GCO), there are important updates regarding changes in Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP) in the State of Qatar. The official Twitter announcement comes with a statement on amending the travel policy during the gradual lifting of the restrictions of the pandemic. While there are currently some restrictions that have been lifted with regards to the coronavirus as imposed in Qatar, there is also a wide range of epidemiological indicators that will help with the implementation of travel and return policies both for international and local travel.

What is the Exceptional Entry Permit?

First off, what is an EEP? The Exceptional Entry Permit indicates that residents currently in the State of Qatar may receive an EEP upon departure should they wish to travel and return to the country. Residents can obtain this EEP from the official website of the Ministry of Interior.

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While previously, residents were required to submit requests through the Qatar Portal website, the EEP will now easily be available automatically once the resident registers upon departure from Qatar.

Keep in mind, however, that the new automatic exceptional entry permit service will not be applicable to residents who are currently outside Qatar. As such, they will still need to acquire the exceptional return permit using the Qatar Portal website.

Now, on the very first day upon arrival, there will be a COVID-19 test done. This will be duly conducted for returnees if the examination is not carried out as indicated in the centres that are approved by the MoPH; this is within 48 hours before traveling to the country. On the sixth day of the date of arrival, a second test will be conducted.

How can you apply for an Exceptional Entry Permit?

You must first visit the Ministry of Interior website and select “Inquiries”. Then, select “Exit & Entry Permits”, followed by “Print Exceptional Return Permit”. Afterward, you will need to fill up the necessary details such as your QID number and your residency expiry date. Submit the form and print the permit as necessary. You may also print the permit via the Metrash2 mobile app.

So, how do you request for an Exceptional Entry Permit online? Simply create a new account on the Qatar Portal. If you already have an existing account, login accordingly with your login details. Select “Apply for Exceptional Entry Permit”. Make sure that you carefully read the terms and conditions indicated, as well as prepare all of the required documents. Attach them accordingly and make sure everything is complete before you begin the application.

Now, on the application page, be sure to fill in all of the required information accurately. Make sure that the information you input will correctly match your data in your passport. Then, input your email address so that you can receive the approval on your application. When everything is in order, print your permit and keep a secure copy of it. Keep a copy of the quarantine undertaking as well, as this will be presented to airport officials as necessary.

You can also choose to request a Validity Extension of your Exceptional Entry Permit online. Login to your account and navigate to the “My Applications” page. Then select “Extend Application”.