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The school concerned with a report published in Al Sharq newspaper (titled: Our children refuse to receive education in this Arab school) issued an ultimatum to a teacher who verbally assaulted his students.

And the Ministry of Education and Higher Education stated in a statement in response to Al Sharq that the competent authority in the ministry, in response to the complaint by a number of parents about a teacher uttering non-educational words and practicing violence against their children, contacted the mentioned Arab school and verified the matter.

The school administration summoned the aforementioned teacher on Sunday morning, November 28, 2021, and a committee was formed to investigate what was attributed to him.

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Based on the investigation and confirmation of the complaint, the school issued a final warning to the teacher on Sunday 28/11/2021, in which it confirmed that what the teacher had done was an unacceptable individual behavior and that it was committed to the laws and regulations of the country.

The Ministry affirms its keenness to provide a healthy and safe environment for all students in private and government schools, and stresses the need for school teaching and administrative bodies to comply with the applicable professional regulations and charters in this regard.

A number of parents had complained to Al Sharq about the policy followed in an Arab school that belongs to an Arab community, pointing out that their children are being beaten and insulted by teachers in this school.

Across the east, they called on the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to intervene urgently to curb these behaviors carried out by some teachers and the school administration and negatively affect the students and their academic level, stressing that a large number of their students are avoiding going to school for fear of being beaten or insulted in the harshest terms in front of them. their colleagues