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The killing of a Kuwaiti woman at the hands of her brother angered the pioneers of social networking sites in Kuwait, in what was known as the “Tama’a crime”. What made the hashtag #Taima_crime top Twitter in Kuwait during the past hours.

In the details, the crime occurred, at dawn on Thursday, as a young man killed his sister, who had been detained for two months in her residence, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas.

For its part, security sources said that the dead woman had informed the Ministry of Interior that she had been detained for two months in her home, which prompted the perpetrator to slit her throat with a knife before the arrival of help.

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She pointed out that the offender, born in 1985, “tried to stab the Jahra rescuers with the same crime instrument, trying to escape, but they managed to control him without causing any injuries.”

In turn, the local newspaper, Al-Majlis, said that the security authorities had received a previous notification from the victim, on Tuesday evening, a day before her death.

Indeed, the security men arrived at the victim’s house and asked the perpetrator to prove that his sister “is still alive; to enter the house and kill her before returning to surrender to the security authorities.”