11 Apr 2018 – 9:14

Qatar after siege ‘positively different than before’

Minister of Culture and Sports H E Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali (right) and Chairman of Weyak Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani (left) at the Weyak event.

The Peninsula

DOHA: Minister of Culture and Sports H E Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali has stressed that the State of Qatar after the siege isn’t the same country as before, as the State is now positively different and the Qatari community has been and remain an example of civilised societies at Arab, Islamic and global levels.

The Minister’s remarks came on the sidelines of Mental Health Friends Association (Weyak) inauguration of the book titled  “Tamim Al Majd”, within the initiative launched by Weyak on November 8 and continued until next May, in the presence of Chairman of Weyak Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani and Weyak Vice-Chairman Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim.

The Minister underlined  that the State of Qatar has all human resources that make it among the developed countries in the world, its youth, citizens and residents, who are exemplary in coexistence and civilised life, pointing to the full coordination between Qatar’s ministries and institutions concerned with culture, awareness and human consciousness.

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The Minister said that the ministry’s vision of a conscious society with a genuine conscience in a healthy body emphasises the importance of reading and the book as an important element in enhancing the awareness of the community. “The recent period witnessed the inauguration of Qatari Authors’ Forum, which witnessed the launching of many books and the holding of several seminars which discussed various topics and books,” the Minister added.

The Minister pointed out that the ministry is keen to launch many messages that benefit cultural life, whether theatre, artists or poets and make the most of them, stressing that Qatari Authors’ Forum shed light on any book that serves the community as the Culture Ministry strongly supports such useful types of books.

The Minister noted that  the book “Tamim Al Majd”  which features psychological angle came at the time and that it derived its importance from its association with the speech of Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, which came after the siege of the State of Qatar and it was inspiring in every sense of the word. He expressed hope that this book reaches all segments of society and come to its desired results.

He added that culture is an important tool to stimulate positive behaviour and the speech of the Emir was filled with this spirit, which urges for seriousness and diligence of all who live on the land of the State of Qatar and the book was the result of positive interaction with this historical speech.

“Tamim Al Majd” book, which is written by researcher Amer Kamel, one of Weyak volunteers, is a reading in the speech of the Emir on July 21, with enhanced feedback to mental health inspired by the speech by psychological counseling specialist Dr Al Araby Qwaidry, so that the book has an effective role in serving mental health issues.

The book, which began with the text of the speech, and consists of 22 chapters.