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Al-Sharq learned that the decision to postpone the Qatar Club General Assembly did not come at the sole discretion of the club’s management or its choice, but rather complied with the instructions of the Ministry of Health.


As the delay was the proposal of the Ministry of Public Health, which always puts before its eyes the health and safety of citizens in light of the exceptional circumstances in which the world lives due to the Corona pandemic, and given the large number of approximately 400 and the impossibility of gathering them for more than three hours in one closed place especially that there are a number Among them are the elderly and the owners of chronic diseases in both lists. In addition, a distance of no less than two meters must be left between each member and the other, and since the Abdulaziz bin Suhaim hall in the Qatar Club is not sufficient for this number with the application of the precautionary procedures followed in the country, there was a proposal from The Ministry of Culture and Sports that the general assembly be held remotely, especially that there is a special program with the ministry that enables it to complete this association and others completely, but this proposal was rejected by the two parties, and this was why it was agreed and with direct directions from the Ministry of Health to choose the second half of next August Considering that it is the third stage of the countdown to proceduresThe precaution is for this assembly to be held for the safety of all members, and the date has been left for the management of the club. Accordingly, the date was postponed to the twenty-third of August.

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Many statements have been made during the past two days that the Qatar administration deliberately postponed the appointment for flimsy and unconvincing reasons that it created it and that the possibility of reserving a large hall that accommodates this number of members is very easy, especially in light of the stopping of holding wedding parties since the spread of the Corona epidemic last March, However, as we mentioned, this delay was based on coordination between the club and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and with direct directions from the Ministry of Public Health.