Cool Outdoor Activities that Can Help You Earn Money in Qatar

If you’re the funky kinds who like to live life on the edge or are a nature lover, it is time you turned your passion into profession. The following is a list of some of the coolest outdoor activities that brighten up your day and can even help you earn a living, especially when you’re looking to work in Qatar.

Let us take a look at the outdoor activities that you can consider to turn into a job –


If sailing fascinates you, you are likely to be drawn towards jobs like yacht captain, senior sailing instructor, yacht outfitting coordinator, yacht electrician, deckhand, inboard/outboard yacht mechanic, etc. There are many local operators in Qatar that offer sailing lessons and you can practice sailing by renting a sailboats. Get in touch with the Regatta Sailing Academy at the InterContinental Hotel in Doha to enroll for a sailing course. Regatta lets you rent a boat at QR100 to QR200 an hour. Another institute offering sailing training is the Doha Sailing Club where every Saturday trained club members teach beginners. Here, you can make use of the boats and the other equipment for free.


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Love the beaches? Qatar has some beautiful sun-kissed beaches where swimmers can take a dip. The beautiful beaches of Qatar include Al Ghariya Beach, Dukhan Beach, Zekreet Beach, Mesaieed Beach, Fuwairit Beach and La Plage W. Drive Beach. And if one dip is not enough to satiate your liking for water, then the job of a lifeguard would be ideal for you. With no dearth of water around you and work entailing pride, your job could be the best job and workplace the most exciting in the world. You may also take your love for swimming and turn it into a job of a swimming coach or instructor. Your passion for swimming and attentiveness at work must also be accompanied with adequate working experience and a certificate or a vocational diploma.


Qatar is surrounded by Arabian Sea on three sides. This makes water sports and diving the most common recreation activities for those living in Qatar. If you like diving into the sea you can pursue this interest and turn it into a career by becoming a commercial diver. You can become a scuba instructor and formally train people. A career in commercial diving is exciting and pays well. And despite the requirement for younger divers, commercial diving still holds work opportunities for the middle age people who are fit. Divers have options other than teaching diving; they can perform a spectrum of underwater activities such as the following –

» Bridge inspection, repair and construction

» Flotation devices maintenance

» Grouting

» Gravity surveying

» Hyperbaric chamber operations

» Marine environmental control check

» Injection equipment installation

» Emergency medical care for diving accidents and illnesses

» Operation of ROV or remotely operated vehicles

» Search and recovery

» Seismic surveying

» Submersible operations

» Surface geological appraisal

» Underwater inspection, installation, repair and maintenance

» Underwater photography and videography

» Underwater welding and cutting

» Leveling seabed

To learn diving, you can contact any of the several diving centers in Qatar. Institutes like Poseidon Diving Centre, Qatar Divers and Qatar Scuba Center can teach you diving at all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Being a Kayak instructor will not only fulfil your dream but also will also set you apart from the others. There aren’t many Kayak instructors in Qatar, which can prove useful for you. Organizations like Entalek organize several outdoor activities and environmental programs in Qatar, many of which include kayaking through the Al Thakhira marina mangrove plantations near Al Khor. The organization’s past offerings included full moon paddles via the mangroves, an exploratory dhow ride across the Doha harbor. You can look for openings with institutions like these and volunteer for them as their instructors. However, make sure you have the necessary certifications in kayaking, wilderness first aid, etc.

Rock Climbing

This one’s for those of you who are serious about rock climbing and love getting the rush when you reach a peak. This adventure sport offers numerous opportunities like being an instructor, a photographer clicking climbing photos, cameraman shooting climbing video, a climbing ranger or even a sponsored athlete.

To practice rock climbing, check out the following –

– Zekreet in west Qatar near Dukhan. It has many rock formations, some of them going up to nearly 15 meters.

– The climbing wall at Galaxy Sports in Gharaffa’s Ezdan Mall

– If you’re interested in bouldering, the Musfer Sinkhole karst cave in Umm Al Shabrum in central Qatar is a popular location.

– You could become a member of the Doha Climbers club.