How can I check my Qatar ID renewal status?
Step-by-Step to Check your Qatar ID Status
  1. Go to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website. …
  2. Click on the MOI Services. …
  3. Click on the ‘Inquiries’ section. …
  4. Click on the Other Inquiries. …
  5. Click on the Official documents button. …
  6. Insert your QID Number or Passport Number
  7. How many months before I can renew my Qatar ID?
    3 months
    The Ministry of Interior allows individuals and companies in Qatar to renew residence permits online for 1 to 3 years. The service is available for Qataris, residents, and companies holding Qatari Smart ID Cards. RPs renewal can be made 3 months prior to the expiry date
    1. One can make an application for the renewal of their residency card by making an application to the Expatriates Affairs Department of the Ministry of Interior.
    2. You can do this by visiting the Expatriates Affairs Department offices in person. Here you will be issued with a “Residence card Renewal Form” form to fill and submit. This form can also be downloaded from the Ministry of Interior MOI Website or it can be downloaded from the following link : Residence Card Renewal form
    3. Fill in the required information correctly and proceed to make the required payments for the renewal of the residence card.
    4. Attach the acknowledgement receipt and required documents to the application form and submit them to the Expatriates Affairs Department Offices of the Ministry of Interior. The required documents are mentioned in the “Required Documents” section of this page.
    5. Department’s officials will go through your renewal application and if everything is in order they will begin the renewal process of the Residence Card
    6. The application process takes a period of one day before the renewed residence card is issued.
    7. Once ready the applicant will be notified and issued with the renewed residency card.

    Apply Online

    • Residents can apply online to renew their residence cards through the online portal of the Ministry of Interior (MOI).
    1. The first step is to log in with your smartcard to the e-services portal of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) by clicking on the MOI Services tab and selection the E-services option.
    2. If you do not have an account with the MOI e-portal, you have to register for the services using your smart card.
    3. Once logged in, click on the “ Residency Services ” Tab on the dashboard then choose the service type “ Renew Residency ” link.
    4. Enter the information of the expatriate who wants to renew the Residence card (Either for him/ herself, or for one of the family members), in addition to the mobile number then click “Next” Button.
      • Be sure to choose the renewal period i.e. one year or three years before proceeding to the next page.
    5. On the next page choose the delivery option:
      • Personally from Expatriates Affairs Department,
      • Choose by mail courier via Qatar Postal Services Company, and click “Next” Button.
      • In the case of selecting the mail courier delivery option, the address should be entered, and its information validity checkbox should be ticked.
    6. Review the renewal residence card information to ensure that everything is okay.
    7. After this, pay the required due fees using a debit or credit card.
    8. After successful payment, a receipt will be shown to the applicant. Print the acknowledgment receipt for reference.
    9. Your Renewed Residence card will be delivered to your preferred location through the postal service or you can pick it up from the Expatriates Affairs Department offices on the same day.

    Required Documents[edit]

    1. Copy of residence card
    2. Passport photo
    3. Photocopy of Qatari employer’s valid ID (personal employer)
    4. Copy of valid passport

    Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

    Expatriates Affairs Department
    Phone: + 974 44890423
    Fax: + 974 44864071
    E-mail: [email protected]

    General Directorate of Passports
    Phone: + 974 44890212
    Fax: + 974 44883777
    E-mail: [email protected]

    qatar airways

    Ministry of Interior
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: + 974 2366666, 44330000
    Fax: + 974 44322927
    Website:MOI Contacts



    • Qatari residents whose Qatari residence card have expired are eligible to make the application.
    • Qatari employers (company or individual) are eligible to make the application for card renewal for their employees (expatriate residence) whose residence card has expired.


    • QR500, for wife, children, and family sponsorships.
    • QR1000, for employees sponsored by companies, institutions and shops.
    • QR300, employees on personal sponsorships, servants, farmers and sailors.
    • There is a 20% discount, in case of a three-year renewal (for personal sponsorship, companies, wife, children, and family sponsorship).
    • An extra QR20 to be paid in case of selecting Qatar Post for delivery.


    • It is valid for one year or three years depending on the validity of the Residence Permit held.

    Documents to Use[edit]



    • Applicants must be inside the country.
    • The residency card needs to be valid at all times.
    • One needs to carry the residence card at all times.
    • The Ministry of Interior allows individuals and companies in Qatar to renew residence permit online for 1 to 3 years. The service is available for Qataris, residents and companies holding Qatari Smart ID Cards.
    • RPs renewal can be made 3 months prior to the expiry date.

    Required Information[edit]

    1. Residence card number
    2. Application number
    3. Passport Number, Passport expiry date, and place of Date of issue
    4. Resident permit details
    5. Declaration

    Need for the Document[edit]

    • A residence permit allows visitors from overseas to stay and work in Qatar over a longer period of time, providing them with access to a range of important services. During this period the expatriate will need a residence card.
    • The Residence card is required to complete many bureaucratic procedures such as applying for driving licenses, opening bank accounts, to be able to sign a rental agreement, pay your fines, rent a car, officially identify yourself, and also gaining admission to licensed premises.

    The information which might help[edit]

    • The new Residence Card holds several security features that should not be tampered and cannot be faked as well as it carries data of the cardholder.
    • You can also renew the Residence card through Metrash2 App.
    • For you to use this application you must own a smart card and register to the Mobile App.

    Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

    • The identity card is proof of identity of expatriates

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