Qatar Car Rentals


Welcome Qatar has an assortment of Qatar Car Rentals to help visitors and tourists

Find below the list of Car hire and rental or Rent a car service companies in Doha, Qatar:


4 Season Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 16684 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44815763


A to Z International Co WLL
P.O. Box: 37512 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44500031


Aayan Leasing Co Qatar
P.O. Box: 2130 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44999888


Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Co WLL (Rent A Car)

P.O. Box: 1321 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44437000


Acon travels & rent a car WLL
P.O. Box: 31212 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44354355


Advanced Technologies and Solutions
P.O. Box:  Doha, Qatar Tel: 44876611


Aeyan Transport Co WLL
P.O. Box: 47540 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44376619


Al Afdhal Transport Co
P.O. Box: 38044 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44880177


Al Ali Cleaning and Rent A Car Co WLL
P.O. Box: 17990 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44420702


Al Andalus Transport Co
P.O. Box: 05 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44652903


Al Dar Car Rental
P.O. Box: 24816 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44877789


Al Emirate Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 803 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44363132


Al Fereej Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 6767 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44270007


Al Fursan Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 13587 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44583259


Al Habari Group WLL
P.O. Box: 60861 Al Tel: 44720562


Al Habra Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 8079 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44356611


Al Hajiri Limousine Service
P.O. Box: 32124 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44724290


Al Haque Office
P.O. Box: 1336 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44430440


Al Khulaifi Transport Est
P.O. Box: 40808 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44601114


Al Maadhadi Business
P.O. Box: 6453 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44160151


Al Maroof Trading and Contracting Co
P.O. Box: 4345 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44931281


Al Muftah Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 1316 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44634444


Al Nakheel Car Rental
P.O. Box: 710 Doha, Qatar Tel: 4486160


Al Nakil Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 3418 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44313428


Al Obaidly Trading and Services WLL
P.O. Box: 13964 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44370672


Al Rayes Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 3312 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44374439


Al Saad Rent a Car
P.O. Box: 3951 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44449300


Al Sakhar Al Zahabi Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 19409 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44680695


Al Sayed Cleaning Maintenance and Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 6173 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44441123


Al Sulaiman Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 9377 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44911711


Al Waleed Rent A Car WLL
P.O. Box: 4284 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44502225


Al Watan Limousine
P.O. Box: 60283 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44477999


Aleef Rent A Car
P.O. Box: 31802 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44438386


Ali Al Jassim Group for Rent A Car & Real Estate
P.O. Box: 31120 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44466226


Almana Fleet WLL
P.O. Box: 9331 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44489955


Almana Leasing Co WLL
P.O. Box: 91 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44311011


Almana Rent A Car (Hertz)
P.O. Box: 24634 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44489944


Apex Car Rental
P.O. Box: 5142 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44620980


Arabian Adventures
P.O. Box: 4476 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44361461