In early June of the year 2020, Qatar announced the start of easing the restrictions that the state placed as part of the preventive measures to gradually control the “Corona” virus, considering that the matter is necessary to resume social and commercial activities, but with the continuation of the precautionary measures. 

At the time, Her Excellency Lolwah Al-Khater, the official spokeswoman for the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, said that life activities could not be stopped indefinitely, and that this period had come gradually and in four stages. 

At that time, many considered that the matter was a great victory for society and a welcome bypass of the Coronavirus crisis, after a period in which everyone praised the commitment of individuals and groups to the precautionary measures that limited the spread of the virus and besiege it. 

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 A few days ago, the first phase began and it seemed that life would return to normal, followed by the second phase on July 1, 2020, and then the third within specific precautionary measures. The fourth phase came on September 1 of the same year, and everyone’s efforts in the health sector and community commitment culminated and things were going well, and the indicators show that Containing the virus and limiting its spread in the State of Qatar. 

what happened?

Since the end of July 2020, the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health and the citizens and residents’ follow-up of the precautionary measures have succeeded in flattening the curve of Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections, and the curve descended from above the 300 to 200 daily infections, and as a continuation of this approach, fewer than 200 injuries were recorded per day, and to Less than 100 injuries per day.  

He entered the year 2021 and hopes were that the new year would be a year for the continued lifting of restrictions and the return of life to normal, and the number of cases did not exceed 200 cases per day and people began to feel that controlling the virus was possible, but the Ministry of Health indicated that there is a disregard for some precautionary measures. On the part of society, doctors and health spokesmen have always warned him of him, as these officials warned against following these procedures in councils, family visits and gatherings, pointing out that these social customs are the primary cause of infection. 

 On January 27, 2021, the Coronavirus infection curve rebounded and broke again the barrier of 300 daily infections, until we reached the date of writing this report today, March 27, and the number of cases exceeded the 600 infection mark, with an increase in weekly deaths and admissions to hospitals and intensive care rooms. 

Careless stick striking mercilessly

Every day after day, cases of infection are on the increase inside the country, and recklessness and complacency in precautionary measures has become present in the behavior of some individuals for no apparent reason. Is it boredom? Or is it that ignoring social responsibility is primarily due to the nature of the person himself? Or what?  

It seems clear that some people wrongly understood the easing of restrictions, as wearing the muzzle has become a boring and exhausting thing for many people, and social distancing has turned into an unpleasant habit, and the habits of embrace, kiss and peace by hand have returned, and the virus has ended. 

* The country is entering the furnace of a second wave .. It

was natural and self-evident with the increase in the number of cases of the virus that the Ministry of Health announced by Dr. Ahmed Al-Muhammad, head of the intensive care department at the acting HMC a few days ago, who confirmed that we are facing a second wave of the virus that requires preparation for the large numbers that We face it, indicating that the number of deaths has increased by 13 or 14 deaths, which is a wake-up call for us to take measures to moderate the effects of this pandemic. 

He stressed that the increase was large and in the form of a boom in the other two weeks, and during the past two weeks only we witnessed an 82% increase in the number of people infected with Coronavirus in intensive care, and a 58% increase in the number of people infected with the virus who were admitted to the hospital, as we unfortunately lost 13 people. 

Dr. Al-Muhammad was clear in his speech, where he said: The matter is a cause for concern, and we may face difficulty in providing health care to everyone who becomes ill, the new strain coming from Britain has contributed to the increase in injuries as well as the failure to adhere to the precautions between people and society, which contributed to this increase, and we must take Measures to limit the spread of the virus in society. 

A complete closure … or is there still an opportunity to take control? *

Some people may think that neglect and recklessness only harms the health of society and increases the incidence of infection among people, forgetting that this neglect and the increase in the number of cases of infection may lead to a complete closure and a cessation of more activities, which results in a huge material loss and the closure of some livelihoods and workplaces, which is necessary. Job loss.

Total closure, in a sense, is undesirable for many citizens and residents, economically and socially, and no one escapes from it or excludes anyone, and people in Qatar have tried it and know like other societies its effects and disadvantages. 

The opportunity to control is in everyone’s hands, and everyone is able to participate in the reduction of the virus through known procedures that are now reserved for individuals more than their names themselves, and whose repetition has become a state of boredom and aversion, but it is inevitable as it is the door to salvation by following commitment to it.