Relocating to Qatar for a Job: Know What it has for Expatriates

Located in the Western Asia, Qatar is a sovereign Arab state. It is the richest country in the world by GDP per capita with a total population of around 1.8 million (1.5 million expats) in 2013.
If you are relocating to Qatar for a job, the following post will let you know what the place has to offer.

Lifestyle in Qatar is what you make of it. It is a Muslim country and boasts stunning desert, museums, amazing coastline, and exciting events such as sport matches, art exhibitions, forts, parks, and film festivals. The location has an amazing history to share with the world. Since it is a Muslim country, the code of conduct and practices differ with that in the other countries.

♦ Accommodation
You must have a residence permit issued by your employer (or sponsor) if you wish to legally work in the country. Accommodation in Qatar can easily be found as new apartments and compounds are being built constantly. Most of these apartments include lifestyle features and amenities such as pool, gym, cafes, etc. If your Qatari employer is not offering accommodation to you, local real estate agents can help you in finding it in return of a fee, which is actually high. Moreover, rents are also high in Qatar.

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♦ Safety
Qatar includes a low crime rate and is considered a safe place to live for you and your family. The U.S. Department of State assesses that the crime rate and political violence are low in Qatar. Terrorist incidents are also less. The lesser major safety concerns in the country have made it an attractive destination for expats.

♦ Healthcare
The country maintains a high standard when it comes to healthcare. Nationals and Expat employees mostly get health insurance from their employers as a component of remuneration. Moreover, dental and medical treatment is free for the nationals and subsidized for expat workers in Qatar.

♦ Education
If you have plans to call your family in the future, you should not have any worries about the education for your children. Although government-funded colleges and schools are mostly not an available option for foreign nationals, there are several international schools where foreign students are welcomed. The official language in Qatar is Arabic, but English is also widely spoken.

♦ Job Avenues
Qatar is a great job market for qualified professionals in different fields such as business management, medicine, administration, and engineering. According to an article on, expats outnumber Qataris by six to one as drawn by job opportunities in education, Oil & Gas, hospitality, and construction.

♦ Salaries
Working in Qatar is rewarding and the salary in different sectors is relatively high and tax-free. Depending on your previous work experience, qualification and skills, jobs in any field such as banking or accounts can offer a high pay along with several perks. Qataris enjoy a high per capita income in the world, thus, the country is an appealing destination for expat job seekers.
Having known all the possible things that an expat can expect in Qatar, it will not be a challenging situation for you to adjust in the new location.

Qatar is a country where you would always love to live and work!


Swati Srivastava
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