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Dr. Youssef Al-Maslamani, the medical director of Hamad General Hospital, confirmed that vaccination against Corona until today is optional, indicating that influenza vaccinations for decades and until today have remained optional.

Regarding imposing access to a Corona vaccine as a basic condition for travel abroad, Al-Musalmani said – in an interview with the “Social Distance” program on Qatar TV today, Monday – “I expect that some countries of the world and airlines will impose the condition of obtaining the vaccine to travel abroad or to receive travelers.” Pointing out that Australian Airlines announced that.

Dr. Yousef Al-Maslamani revealed that several thousand people have received the vaccine against Corona so far … and said that “the complication rate is zero,” and all people are in excellent condition, and we hope that the vaccination will spread more.

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He explained that the vaccination committee set priorities for citizens and residents to receive vaccination against Corona … explaining that the first list of these priorities is for those over 70 years old, the second list of those who have chronic diseases without specifying age, and the third list of health workers, including people who work on the front lines. And then the rest of the audience.

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As for those who have chronic diseases, Dr. Yousef Al-Maslamani explained that the Ministry of Health has an electronic record of their names, and you do not need to print a certificate for this to be vaccinated.

As for the vaccination certificate for the employer, he explained that the certificate is ready to be issued by registering on the “My Health” page, then entering “documents” and obtaining a certificate of chronic diseases.