Every year here at Alux we take a look at the most expensive houses in the world and upgrade this ranking to make sure it is always as accurate as possible!

For most individuals the house is the priciest asset they will ever own so you were probably curious to see where the richest of the rich live and how much did they pay for their houses.

The high-end real estate market is always changing, with prices skyrocketing every single year due to the shortage of available space in the crowded cities.

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Although there are some apartments that =maybe- could have made it on this list we decided to include only houses that were build exclusively for one family.

Starting with indoor and outdoor pools, glass walls, castle like homes and some of the most famous residences world-wide, we’ve looked though them and came up with these 10.

Some of them might be up for sale if your capital permits such an expense, so keep your eyes open for what could, one day, be your home!

So what makes the following homes the most expensive houses in the world?

It has to do with the following things:

1. And the most important element factor: How much someone is willing to pay for it.

2. Cost of surrounding real-estate properties adjusted to the size and living space the property has to offer.

3. Cost of putting the house together, interior and exterior design along with extra features that might be in place.

4. Historical Value that gives the place intangible value, very similar to how a house can sell for millions more just because a celebrity lived there.

With all that said it’s time to dive into the 12 Most Expensive Homes in the World 2016:

#12 The Bran Castle ~ Estimated at $152 Million

The Bran Castle is a special mention on this list because it is a bit difficult to estimate just how valuable it is with it’s price fluctuating.

What was once the home of Vlad the Impaler, best known as the original Dracula, is found in Transylvania, Romania and although it now serves as a museum it used to be the home of the royal families.

It is the main destination for vampire enthusiast so an eccentric billionaire with a passion for history could definitely be interested in this property

We’ve taken an extensive look at the property in the following article Dracula’s Castle is Up for Sale.

Location: Romania

Value: $80-152 Million

The castle was listed for a while at the $152 Million price point and because there wasn’t much interest it dropped almost by half to now $80 Million. The reason we still include it on this list with a special mention is because during the real-estate boom in 2007 the property has see tremendous interest with the owners refusing to sell even with 9 Digit offers.

Most Expensive Houses In The World: #10 The Bran Castle ~ Estimated at $137 Million
Most Expensive Houses In The World: #10 The Bran Castle ~ Estimated at $152 Million

#11 Crespi Hicks Estate ~ Priced at $135 Million

This property made history when it hit the market back in 2013 as the most expensive property in the US.

The entire estate spreads across 25 acres and the seller is non other than billionaire Tom Hicks, you might know him as the guy who owns Liverpool FC, Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers.

Build and designed by architect Maurice Fatio for his personal use up until his death in 1943 it took the billionaire family almost 10 years to completely restore and a little over 100 Million went into the project, so as you’d expect, the place is breathtaking!

We’ve offered you Aluxers an inside tour of the house in this article here: The Most Expensive House in Dallas!

Location: Dallas, texas

Value: $135 Million

most expensive homes in the world
The Most Expensive House in Dallas almost made the cut in the 10 Costliest Homes in the World

Time to break down the Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Houses: