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With the start of the return of travel to a number of countries of the world and the preparations of other countries to open their borders and receive tourists during the coming period, and hotels are waiting to receive their visitors, how to protect yourself and others from infection with the Coronavirus “Covid 19” remains the most pressing question.

CNN medical analyst Dr. Lena Wayne, an emergency physician, and visiting professor of health policy and management at the Milken Institute of Public Health at George Washington University, stresses the importance of getting the Covid-19 vaccine, while adhering to other preventive measures.

According to “CNN”, quoting the medical analyst of the site, staying in a hotel will be a very low-risk matter if you receive the Corona vaccine, and if you commit to separating from other people, and going directly to and from your room.

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And if you don’t travel alone, Wayne adds, “You definitely shouldn’t share a hotel room with someone who is not a member of your immediate family, unless the other person has been fully vaccinated.”

** Hotel protocols.

Many hotel protocols have changed during the “Covid-19” pandemic, and therefore, you must check this through the hotel’s website on the Internet, or call for information about its safety precautions.

* Ask about the new hotel cleaning and disinfection procedures, and whether all employees are wearing masks.

* Many hotels have reduced housekeeping services, food and beverages to limit guests’ contact with people outside their group.

* Contactless online check-in, check-out and online payments are also available.

* Also inquire about the quality of ventilation.

Opening windows and doors, using fans, having properly functioning ventilation systems and highly efficient particulate air filters, also referred to as “HEPA,” are good signs, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Depending on the quality of the ventilation, you should also ask about when other guests or the cleaning staff were last in your room, according to the Yale School of Public Health assistant professor of epidemiology, Crystal Bullet, who is also an assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering at the College. Yale Engineering and Applied Sciences.

“Most of the time that we recommend among residents of a space is related to what the system (ventilation) can handle when it comes to air changes in the hour,” Pollitt said.

While at the hotel, be careful about your safety, and the safety of hotel personnel. And be sure to wear a mask in places where you might share the air or space with other people, such as elevators, indoor bars, dining areas, and lobbies, even if people are at a distance from each other.

The Centers for Disease Control advised to reduce the use of recreational spaces, including hot tubs and relaxation areas.

And be sure to carry antiseptic wet wipes with you to clean things before and after touching them, according to Cooperative Health Organization in Colombia, South Carolina, family physician and president of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr.Ada Stewart.

And when eating, avoiding doing so indoors is still the safest option. It is best to deliver food to your room, use room service, or eat outdoors and at least 6 feet away from others.

A number of countries in the world announced that they would receive tourists who received a vaccine against the Corona virus, including according to the British newspaper “The Independent”:

* Greece: Greece will open its doors to tourists from May 14th, provided that proof of complete vaccination is presented.

* Portugal: Portugal accepts vaccination passports from the world, and tourists must either present a vaccination certificate or a negative Corona test to enter from May 17.

* Croatia: Fully-immunized travelers from any country will now be able to travel to Croatia, without the need to do a test or self-isolate upon arrival, according to the Croatian government. She required proof of receiving two doses of the vaccine, and waiting 14 days after the second dose before traveling.

* Thailand: Thailand begins removing quarantine requirements and reopening its borders to fully vaccinated travelers starting July 1.

* Cyprus: Cyprus plans to cancel entry requirements, such as testing and quarantine for travelers vaccinated against Corona, from May 1.

* Poland: Poland has lifted quarantine requirements for travelers who received two doses of the Corona vaccine.

* Estonia: Estonia has become the latest country to offer a quarantine exemption for travelers who have recovered from Corona, or who have been vaccinated against the virus.

* Seychelles : The Republic of Seychelles in Africa plans to start tourism programs, by completely eliminating quarantine requirements for incoming visitors who have been fully vaccinated against Corona.

* Georgia : Georgia decided to lift restrictions also on fully vaccinated travelers.

* Romania : Romania announced that travelers who received two doses of the virus vaccine will not need to be quarantined upon arrival.

* Iceland : Iceland announced that it will receive visitors who have been fully vaccinated against Corona.