08 September 2020

The Ministry of Administrative Department, Labour and Social Affairs (ADLSA) has listed down measures to change employers without having to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC).

These measures include:

The worker is required to notify the employer through the electronic notification system of ADLSA, giving a one-month notice. If the employee has been in the job for more than two years, then two-month notice needs to be given.

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When revealing his/her intention to change jobs through ADLSA, documents such as ADLSA change-of-employer form, and copy of contract signed with former employer, authenticated by ADLSA or employment offer in the absence of contract copy is necessary.

The job offer from new employer should be in Arabic.

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Both the employee and the new employer will receive an SMS from ADLSA confirming the change of employment.

The new employer is required to initiate the electronic employment contract on ADLSA’s Digital Authentication System. The employer should also print out the employment contract, discuss and sign it with the worker.

The newly signed employment contract needs to be uploaded on the ADLSA system with a fee of QR60.

Once the contract is authenticated, the new employer should submit a request for new QID to the Interior Ministry.

On completion of this procedure, the worker can start the new job. The employee should receive his/her new Qatari ID card (QID) and health card from the new employer.

In case the employee again wishes to change jobs during the probation period, then, the current employer should be given a notice of at least one month.  Thereafter, the new employer should compensate the current employer a portion of recruitment fee and one-way air ticket as agreed by the current and new employers, such that the amount does not exceed the employee’s current basic wage.

Robin Vinod

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