The Qatar Meteorological Department (QMD) has predicted that motorists will have a tough time driving across the country as foggy conditions will prevail for another week.

Traffic jams were already reported in various areas particularly the highways and Ring roads, owing to low visibility.

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Under the circumstances, QMD has shared some tips for safe driving in these hazardous conditions, which are as follows –

1. Drive only when necessary: It is best to stay off the road under bad weather conditions. It is thus suggested that one drives only when it is necessary.

2. Slowing down would allow the drivers time and space to react if traffic stops or other hazards appear.

3. Keeping the focus on road: Utmost attention is required under conditions of low visibility and heavy traffic. Thus it is important to stay focused on the road.

4. Avoid using high-beam headlights: It is essential that one uses only fog lights as droplets in the fog spread and reflect light, when using high-beam lights.

5. Switch on your fog lights till the visibility improves.

6. Turn your heater to keep windows clear: Condensation may build up on the inside of your car during foggy conditions. So keeping the heater on is a must.

7. Avoid changing lanes: Constantly changing lanes can be dangerous as motorists behind may not see the one in front.

8. Listen carefully for other vehicles. Driving at low speed means the wind noise will be minimum allowing drivers to hear of another vehicle.

9. Turning on hazard lights to alert other drivers: When the viability gets too difficult, it is recommended that one pulls over and turns the hazard lights on to alert other drivers and wait for the conditions to improve.

Thus, the above tips would come in handy given the difficult foggy condition the country is facing.