Bedaya organises “Marketing for startups” workshop

The Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech recently hosted a workshop titled “Marketing for Startups” in collaboration with a group of leading Qatari entrepreneurs.

This initiative is part of Bedaya Center’s monthly Second Sunday Networking event where many young entrepreneurs and business professionals gathered to gain guidance, training and support. This month’s workshop focused on the importance of marketing and aimed at giving the attendees a better understanding of how to market and promote their businesses and the best processes to do it.

Held at the “Sugar and Spice” restaurant at Aspire Park, the workshop garnered good response from entrepreneurs who were keen on understanding some of the best practices in marketing. The main objective of holding such workshops is to support and help develop the skills of Qatari startups that are looking forward to start their own businesses or evolving and developing their existing ones. Experts from various fields also shared  their success stories with the attendees.

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During the workshop Khalifa Al Haroon “Mr. Q” founder of Ilove Qatar, Mr. Saleh Alayan Founder of Sugar and Spice and Mr. Jafar Hamza founder of Boxobia addressed the attendees. They offered insights into several best marketing practices that could help promote their businesses.

Bedaya organises “Marketing for

The speakers also touched upon several other factors such as modern marketing approaches and its impact on the projects’ success, importance of building the brand name and corporate identity, defining marketing plans, in addition to practical steps needed to build a distinctive trade mark and the use of social network platforms in the best effective way.

Reem Al-Sowaidi, General Manager of Bedaya Center, commented: “At Bedaya Center, we strive to help and support local startups by developing their skills and talents. This is done through monthly workshops conducted by experts from different fields and sectors tackling diverse topics, which help entrepreneurs and startups to refine their basic skills and expand their business.”

“This workshop highlighted Bedaya’s continuous endeavour to provide all the needed tools, knowledge, advice and expertise to help entrepreneurs and startups to market and promote themselves and their business and to build their own special brand name,” she concluded.