10 Sep 2017 – 3:13

Book on Qatar life tops Amazon best-seller list

The Peninsula

A new book about Qatar has topped the Amazon best seller List. ‘God Willing: How to Survive Expat Life in Qatar’ isn’t your typical travel book. Written by Australian expat Mikolai Napieralski, it takes readers behind the scenes to showcase the real Qatar.
Filled with short stories, local anecdotes, and genuinely useful advice, it’s essential reading for anyone relocating to the country. But as Mikolai points out, it’s much more than that.
“The book captures a unique moment in time for Qatar. It’s about the convergence of east and west, and the unique stories that emerge when a country opens its doors to the wider world. From the hotels and shopping malls to the art exhibitions and education infrastructure, I hope that in 50 years from now, anyone reading this will have an accurate picture of expat life in Qatar.”
In the meantime, the book offers expats a humorous, refreshingly honest take on life in the country. It’s a fast paced journey through Qatar’s various social scenes, work culture, global ambitions, and traditional heritage. Along the way readers will learn how to rent an apartment, buy a car, endure the summer heat and maybe, if they’re lucky, end up in helicopter with Naomi Campbell and Damien Hirst as it whisks them to an art launch in the desert.
Travel blog Citizens of the World gave the book a five star rating saying, “Qatar is an intriguing country and you can tell Mikolai definitely experienced the gamut of expat life here (the good, the bad, the over the top). Some of the stories blew my absolute mind!”
God Willing: How to Survive Expat Life in Qatar is available in both Kindle and paperback edition from Amazon – https://goo.gl/XJ9Aew