China bus driver fired after refusing to let elderly passenger board with muddy shoes
PHOTO: Video screengrab

A bus driver has been fired for recent behavior, where he asked an old passenger to board his bus in bare feet with muddy shoes in hand, according to a local transportation authority in Guizhou province.

A short video, less than 10 seconds, showed the bus driver stopping a man in his 60s from boarding and asking him to clean his shoes and wait for the next bus.

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Most viewers felt sympathy for the elderly man, blaming the bus driver for lack of thoughtfulness. Some defended the driver, claiming he was just doing his duty to keep the bus clean.

The driver, surnamed Du, was driving a bus on Route 2 of the Dalongqian section June 2, and asked the old man to clean the mud on his shoes and wait for the next bus, but the old man took off the shoes, according to an investigation from the transportation authority of Dejiang county.

The driver has apologized to the elderly man in person and received punishment of dismissal and a two-year ban on driving public buses. Paying a fine of 5, 000 yuan, the bus company also made a public apology on media and promised better service.