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Colonel Dr. Muhammad Radi Al-Hajri, Director of the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department, revealed that a traffic plan has been set up during Eid Al-Fitr, as traffic patrols will continue to spread in crowded places to ease and facilitate movement, and inspections related to precautionary measures are continuing in cooperation with the Emergency Police Department (Al-Fazaa) and Lekhwiya, calling on road users to take caution and caution to avoid accidents.
Colonel Dr. Al-Hajri added in a statement to Al-Sharq that the Traffic Department continues its daily work to regulate traffic in areas that witness congestion, especially near commercial complexes and densely populated areas, through the presence of patrols and the activation of the “Talaa” surveillance camera system, as the project aims to monitor traffic violations. Of all kinds, including not fastening the seat belt or talking on the phone while driving, wrongly passing, speeding, walking slowly or cutting the traffic light and other violations that pose a threat to public safety on the road, which greatly contributes to tightening security control in all regions of the country and facilitating Traffic movement and spot any traffic violation in a timely manner.

On the other hand, Colonel Dr. Al-Hajri explained during his meeting, through visual communication techniques, with a member of the Municipal Council from the Eighth District, Sheikha Al-Jufairi – which was attended by Sheikh Dr. Hassan Al Thani, Director of the Hamad Trauma Center at Hamad Medical Corporation, and Major Dr. Muhammad Sulaiman Al Hammadi, Head of the Awareness Department Traffic Department, Captain Abdul Aziz Al Shuaibi, Patrol Officer and Traffic Investigation Officer, First Lieutenant Khaled Nasser Al Mulla, Traffic Safety Officer, and a number of the department’s sons (8) – he explained that this meeting is the third meeting organized by the administration since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, where they met during previous meetings With 3 members of the Central Municipal Council, as part of its continuous endeavor to discuss traffic conditions in all regions of the country, by listening to the opinions of the people of these areas, and raising a number of traffic issues, including: traffic awareness plans, engineering aspects of roads, traffic control operations, and others Of subjects.He stressed that the administration, through these opinions, can take some measures that contribute to improving traffic safety in the region
He pointed to the achievements made by Qatar in the traffic field, as the death rates decreased by a large percentage during the past few years, as a result of the concerted efforts of all parties concerned with the implementation of the National Traffic Safety Strategy.
In turn, Sheikh Dr. Hassan Al Thani thanked all attendees, and said that these meetings represent a good opportunity to interact with members of the Municipal Council, give them indicators of traffic accident injuries, provide an overview of these injuries in their areas, and address the most prominent causes and plans that Hamad Center is working on. Accident injuries to reduce the effects of traffic accidents injuries on society.
For her part, Mrs. Sheikha Al-Jufairi, a member of the Central Municipal Council, thanked the General Traffic Department represented by the Traffic Awareness Department for providing the opportunity for interaction and discussion regarding the traffic issue in the 8th district, noting that the meeting confirms the administration’s keenness to enhance the level of traffic safety in the country, confirming She is confident that the meeting will positively reflect on road users in the department.
Mrs. Sheikha Al-Jufairi, along with the department’s participants, made a number of observations and suggestions regarding parking lots, neglected cars, parking of trucks inside residential areas, and wrong traffic behavior by some bike drivers. Emphasis was also placed on the best ways to spread traffic awareness among youth.
In this regard, Major Dr. Muhammad Sulaiman Al Hammadi, Head of the Traffic Awareness Department, said that the General Traffic Department constantly develops its awareness programs about the developments taking place on the road, as it has communicated with the companies that operate these bicycles with the aim of enhancing the requirements for safe driving between Drivers, by providing intensive educational lectures, to educate them about the traffic law, and review the most common traffic violations and the importance of avoiding them. The administration has allocated, within its annual operating plan, a large space for these lectures, to include all companies operating these bicycles.
In response to the suggestions of the members of the department, Captain Abdulaziz Al-Shuaibi confirmed that with regard to neglected cars, a committee was formed that includes the competent authorities of the General Traffic Department and the Ministry of Municipality, and this committee works to remove neglected cars in all regions of the country, and everyone can communicate with it through the hotline dedicated to public complaints Receiving reports about neglected cars, and regarding traffic control operations for serious violations, he referred to the inspection campaign that the administration has been carrying out since the beginning of the holy month and includes all regions of the country.
In turn, First Lieutenant Khaled Nasser Al-Mulla said that the concerned authorities are working to provide parking for trucks in all regions of the country, to limit the parking of these vehicles inside residential areas, referring to the parking lots that have been completed on Al-Majd Road. He stressed that the General Traffic Department is in constant communication with the authorities concerned with implementing infrastructure projects to find the best engineering solutions to ensure that no impact on the movement of vehicles, while observing all safety standards.