12 Feb 2018 – 12:58

Your complete guide for Qatar National Sport Day activities

Aspire Zone gets ready to host the NSD. Abdul Basit / The Peninsula

The Peninsula Online

As Aspire Zone, Katara, Museum of Islamic Art, and other entities gear up for National Sport Day to be observed tomorrow, we have drawn out a list of interesting activities happening in these places that residents can participate in.

Aspire Zone

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National Sport Day celebration in Aspire Zone, spread across it’s world-class outdoor and indoor facilities, is expected to be one of the biggest in the country. AZF is organizing various thrilling sporting activities for community members of all ages and physical capabilities, scheduled as follows:

Outdoor activities 

1.    Fun Run : 6:30am-11am

2.    Children only activities : 9am-3pm

3.    Dodge Ball : 9am-1pm

4.    Japanese Kendo : 9am-12pm

5.    Nordic Walk : 11am -1pm

Indoor activities to be held in Aspire Dome

1.    Challenge the Champion : 10am – 4pm

2.    Football Performance and Science Activities : 10am – 4pm

3.    Teamwork Challenges : 10am – 3pm

4.    Aspire Football Tournament : 9am – 12pm


62 entities will be participating in Katara, hosting various activities to celebrating the National Sport Day on Tuesday. Some of them include:

1.    Wrestling match – Gate 19 & 20 : 8am – 6pm

2.    Basket Ball competition – Opp. Katara’s Amphitheatre : 8am – 6pm

3.    Tennis for adults & kids – Gate 3 & 4 : 8am – 6 pm

4.    Hand Ball Championship – Katara Beach : 8am – 6pm

5.    Cycling Competition – Bld. 12 : 8am – 6pm / Triathlon: 7:30am – 11:30am

6.    Katara Furjan Beach Championship – Katara Beach : 8am – 6pm

7.    Air and Water show – Gate 11 : 8am – 12pm

8.    Football  pitches with trainers from “Koora programme” – Katara Beach : 8am – 12pm

9.    Sailing Ships – Katara Beach & Souq : 8am – 5pm

10.    Volleyball Championship – Gate 12 & 13 : 8am – 6pm

11.    Horse Riding Event – Gate 14 & 16 : 8am – 6pm

12.    Parade of Kids with Disabilities – Katara Esplanade : 8am – 6pm

13.    Water Fly Board Show – Beach 3 : 8am – 6pm

14.    Brazilian Martial Arts Show – Souq : 8am-6pm

15.    Golf Training (adults & kids) – Gate11 & Gate 12 : 8am – 6pm

There will be many more activities, like ones mentioned above, set to take place .
Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation (QF) is set to mark the National Sport Day on Tuesday with a range of sports activities to inspire the community to make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

More than 50 sports activities including a walkathon and ultra marathon will be held across different venues of the Education City.

1.    Walkathon – Education City; Ceremonial Court : 8am

2.    40km cycle and a 50km ultra marathon – Education City; Ceremonial Court

3.    The Challenge (Age: 16 & above) – Al Shaqab : 9am – 4pm

4.    Activities for Kids (including, football, treasure hunt, rope jump, kangaroo sack race, , pony riding)  – Oxygen Park

5.    Ladies only activities – Education City Student Centre & Al Shaqab : 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Additionally, there will be family-oriented activities taking place at the QF Recreation Center, including swimming for children with autism, goal ball – a football activity for the blind – as well as a gymnastics and trampoline display, a squash tournament, and slalom football – blindfolded football to raise blind awareness – among others. QF will also host outdoor games and activities on the Green Spine and at the Ceremonial Court throughout the day.

Museum of Islamic Arts Park

Ooredoo is hosting this year’s National Sport Day at Museum of Islamic Art Park with lots of activities planned for everyone from toddlers to adults. Apart from the usual activities to be held, some of the interesting ones are:

1.    Lemon Race

2.    Relay

3.    Wood Rail Race

4.    Penalty Shoot Out

5.    Tug – O – War

6.    Hand Ball

7.    Human Bowling

8.    Human Chess

9.    Taekwondo

10.    Beat the Bar

Mall of Qatar

Mall of Qatar will be hosting a series of fun and sporty activities on the occasion of Qatar National Sport Day which will be held tomorrow (February 13). The list of activities include:

1.    A Yoga class, a fitness challenge and a healthy breakfast along with a lunch corner – AlRayyan Hotel Doha.

2.    Fencing – Luxury court.

3.    Basketball competitions for the family – East gate 1.

4.    Zumba and Stretching at East gate 3 as well as a range of other activities, including the outdoor Fun Fair.

Additionally, Mall of Qatar will showcase a BMX, skating and rope jumping show that will be held from Feb 12th until Feb 21st, every day at 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm at the Oasis Stage.