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In light of the decision taken by the state to implement the fourth phase of the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed by the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, which will be implemented in two phases, the first starting on Tuesday, and the second phase starting from the third week of next September, the doctors and specialists in the sector stress The local health care provider focused on “prevention”, which is the password that all medical circles rely on locally, regionally and internationally, at this time of the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, which appeared at the end of last year and is still spreading and spreading like fire until now. In wildfire, there are no limits to stop it, and no time to delay it.
The bet of doctors in the State of Qatar during this period on a “dirham of prevention is better than a pound of cure” came logically in light of the failure of any international pharmaceutical companies and research centers to reach an effective and safe vaccine to deal with all vigor for the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, which shook the world and occupied it with its ferocity and cruelty. All humanity, unlike other contemporary viruses that appeared during the past ten years that arose and died in its infancy, unlike this virus “Covid-19”, which many doctors considered that its ferocity lies in its rapid spread, which made the position of the People’s Republic of China an embarrassment to the world. Because it is the country of origin and its inability to control it until it expanded and spread from the far east to the far west unabated.
Doctors in the local health sector in this period specifically and not others stress prevention, and the need to take precautionary measures for two reasons, the first of which is that laxity in applying precautionary measures will expose the Qatari community to a second wave of the spread of the virus, and this is what no country or any society wants and thus delaying the stage The second of the fourth phase of lifting restrictions inevitably, and the other reason is that many countries and global pharmaceutical companies are still putting their vaccines under clinical tests, even if it is the “AstraZeneca” vaccineThe developer at Oxford University is closest to being advertised commercially based on observers and specialists, so it is important for society and individuals to be keen to prevent the virus, and even break the chains of its spread so that life returns to normal, and so that the world does not reap more of its victims, who numbered more than 17 million and 924 Two thousand globally, of whom more than 684 thousand died, while 10 million and 348 thousand injured recovered, but at the local level, the total number of injuries reached 118,196, and the number of people recovered reached 115017 cases, while 196 deaths were recorded at the time of preparing the report.
Frenzied rivalry
This talk may come amid what the World Health Organization announced of feverish competition between major pharmaceutical companies that seek to come up with an effective vaccine against the virus and safe for all mankind, and the number of scientific projects may reach more than 100 scientific projects to produce a powerful vaccine for the “Covid-19” virus. In a short period of time, the likes of the company “AstraZenica” that produced the vaccine “AstraZeneca” developed at the University of Oxford, the Chinese “Cansino Biology” vaccine, and the “Biotec-Pfizer” vaccineThe German-American, and the Russian Ministry of Defense vaccine, but in many cases this competition – honest on its face – may be tainted by personal desires, especially since some pharmaceutical companies abandon their humanitarian role and think about the matter on two levels, one economic and the other political, so that the human and therapeutic role is secondary, This puts some of these companies in trouble, but it does not become apparent until years and years have passed since the use of this vaccine in case the companies did not wait in the production of a vaccine safe by 90%, that is, the side effects of it do not increase, for example, but not limited to, a rise in temperature after Receive the vaccine and nothing more than that.
* The economic aspect and the quality of the vaccine
In this context, Dr. Ashraf Hassanein – a consultant at the Aykon Medical Complex – said that the pharmaceutical companies are looking at the matter on more than one level, and some of them have overcome the economic aspect, so a number of companies rushed to produce a vaccine as Russia does not aim to save humanity. The carpet has been removed from the Oxford University vaccine, meaning that the purpose is purely commercial, so countries deliberately wait to reserve the vaccine that is safer for the health of members of their community.
Dr. Ashraf Hassanein explained to Al-Sharq, saying, “The companies inject a number of healthy volunteers with the vaccine, and invite them to practice their normal lives in the community. And then it is possible to grant a license for a vaccine if it proves its efficacy, without any side effects or with minor side effects, but the mistake that some pharmaceutical companies make is to rush to obtain results, produce the vaccine and commercialize it to win billions, and the health of individuals is at stake. If the effectiveness of the vaccine and its safety on the health of community members has not been proven, so prevention is considered at this stage to be the weapon to confront the emerging corona virus, until a safe and effective vaccine is produced.
* Initial results are promising
In turn, Dr. Laith Abu Raddad – Professor of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology at Weill Cornell College of Medicine in Qatar – confirmed that the end of the emerging corona virus “Covid-19″You will only be able to produce a vaccine capable of putting an end to the ferocity of this virus, whose ferocity lies in its ability to infect, and if an effective and safe vaccine is not found, it will be difficult to get rid of this epidemic, then it will continue to spread, indicating that the global spread of the virus is still far from the level of immunity. The herd until this spread stops, but progress in finding an effective vaccine is one of the things that most of the specialized countries in this field are moving towards, and it is considered important, stressing that the initial results are promising, as there are approximately 40 vaccines undergoing clinical trials, and many of them refer to The vaccine is proceeding as expected, as it is expected that the global health sector will put its hand on enough data to prove that there is an effective and safe vaccine, as one of the most important vaccines developed in the current and advanced stage of development is a vaccine at the University of Oxford in Britain in cooperation with the company ” AstraZeneca ”And the vaccine is moving forward and is in its final stages, and the announcement of a vaccine may be just around the corner.
Dr. Abu Raddad stressed the need to adhere to the restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Public Health in the country, concerned with physical distancing, and the use of protective masks to avoid infection, in addition to washing hands frequently with soap and water, or the use of alcohol sterilizers, with the need to avoid gatherings.
* Alleviating restrictions is a danger
Dr. Muhammad Al-Khatib, Head of the Intensive Care Department at Hazm Mebirek General Hospital of Hamad Medical Corporation, considered that prevention is the keyword to address this deadly epidemic, advising community members to adhere to precautionary measures and to take care of safe physical distance, until it is possible to reach To an effective and safe vaccine, where if the prevention measures are mitigated, the numbers will rise to their highest levels, so it is important to break the chain of disease through physical spacing, washing hands, and not going out except for the utmost necessity, in order to protect the safety of society and its members.