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Dr. Soha Al-Bayat, Head of the Immunization Department at the Ministry of Public Health, expected that the first shipment of Moderna vaccine will arrive in the country by the end of this month, pointing out that the Pfizer and Our Director vaccines are equal in efficacy and safety and in the mechanism used to produce the vaccine, explaining that the slight difference between them is in storage and age requirements Approved.

Al-Bayat added – in a press statement – that the approved age for the Pfizer vaccine is 16 years and over, while the approved age for the Moderna vaccine is 18 and over, in addition to the period between the two doses, for Pfizer, it is 21 days, and for Moderna it is 28 Days.

And about choosing vaccination between the two vaccines, Dr. said. The evidence: Once the two vaccines are available in the country, the choice will often depend on what is available in health care facilities at the time, stressing that there is no need to worry about which vaccines should be taken because both are equal in safety and effectiveness. 

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She added that providing any vaccine for Corona in the State of Qatar is under review and being evaluated, and if necessary, other vaccines can be considered.

She expressed her hope that the next phase of vaccination will start very soon, calling on everyone to be patient as priority should be given to those at higher risk and the eligibility circle will be expanded according to the published interim announcement.

She indicated that the entire population of Qatar enjoys a very high level of awareness of the importance and benefits of vaccines, and that they respond very well and we have a great demand for the vaccine, explaining that there is a high percentage of the target groups at this stage of the vaccination campaign have already taken the vaccine and that it believes that this will continue with All groups.

She emphasized that pre-registration of vaccination against Covid-19 is available to all citizens and residents of the country and that everyone can use it, and once the conditions are met according to the stages of the vaccine, an appointment will be set for them.