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It’s been a tiring volley between the four Arab quartet and Qatar over the diplomatic blockade the former has placed on the latter. A month and a half on, it seems as though both party are not going to agree to anything.

But it’s important to understand that basis for the blockade itself is rather suspicious and all suspicious turned out to be true. The Arab states, stained with terrorism, wanted to try and put Qatar in a corner for its fast and powerful growth. When they accused Qatar of funding terrorism they never expected things to take a turn for the worst.

qatar airways

Qatar has been denying every accusation from the Arab quartet while demanding proof for the allegation that has not yet been justifiable.

Instead, it all blew up in their faces when investigation on the hack of Qatar news agency began and pointed fingers at the Arab states for orchestrating the whole event.

While Saudi Arabia, in a desperate attempt to pacify USA tried to act innocent but it all became a huge embarrassment when 9/11 became a matter of debate all over again, not to mention the leaks as well as Britain calling Saudi Arabia “the biggest funders of terrorism” in their country.

Also they made a huge mistake trying by blocking all borders to Qatar, hindering supply of food and their air space for travel. They also ordered their citizens out of Qatar while ordering Qatari’s out of their countries. Also banning Qataris from performing Haj was a shocking indication that these states, especially Saudi Arabia, was politicizing a diplomatic issue and infringing on the religious rights of Muslims.

More than threatening Qatar out of the GCC it’s more important that the gulf nations try and retain Qatar with them as they might push the tiny, yet powerful gas nation towards Iran and Turkey which is exactly what they are afraid of.

Now that the world has become aware of the disastrous charade put up by the Arab Quartet, their recent attempt at deescalating the crisis with the six principles shows that they are heading to end the crisis before it further hits the ceiling.

Whatever the actions the Qatar’s antagonists’ plan they may be assured that it is strong enough to bear it and even succeed through it.

It’s time they decide whether they need Qatar on their side or on the opposition.