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Fawzia Al-Khater, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, said that the integrated education plan that the ministry is pursuing this year combines the two features of distance learning and attendance in the classroom in order to fill the educational losses incurred by students during the previous period since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

She revealed during the program, My Beloved Good Morning, in its new season on Qatar Radio, that the Ministry of Education is working on creating a distinct educational platform for students, which will be completed soon, in order to successfully complete the distance education process.
Al-Khater extended a greeting of appreciation across the program to all school administrations for the efforts made during the past and the next period.
She explained that the previous plan was modified based on the new data in the development of cases of corona infection, so the modified plan was in coordination with the Ministry of Health through permanent coordination and almost daily meetings to find out the latest conditions and developments.
She stressed the importance of students attending schools, as they will obtain experiences, knowledge, skills and other aspects that the student acquires, which he will not be able to obtain except by his presence in the school and receiving direct education.

Mechanism for students’ attendance at schools

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The completed Khater: “schools began during this period in the preparation of full schedules by days, and the school administration required to send Nasiyh messages or email or communicate by telephone to inform parents schedules of their children and the dates of their attendance to school.
She called on all parents to keep track of all the messages they receive from schools Their children and keen to communicate with the school administration in this regard.

Coordination mechanism with the Ministry of Health

Regarding coordination with the Ministry of Health, she clarified that at the beginning of the pandemic, there was a team formed with the Ministry of Health and other bodies, and there were periodic meetings to study the situation and developments and on the light of which the plan was prepared, and the plan was amended after the emergence of more cases, as it was modified from the attendance of 50 percent of students to 30 percent of them are in schools.

Emphasizing on the directives of His Excellency the Prime Minister to conduct medical examinations inside schools for all administrative and academic staff to ensure the safety of all.

The plan to return to schools also includes the following: The
number of students in a class does not exceed 15 students, including one meter and a half, to achieve social distancing within the classroom.
The division of classes into the classroom divisions 
divided into periods to prevent all students from being present at the same time.
There are no canteens or cafeterias, and reliance on bringing meals from home.
Intensification of will panels –
keenness on the periodic sterilization process,
permanent periodic  detection and training for staff on how to deal within the school, as there is a health and safety committee in every school to educate the entire school community.

Al-Khater sent reassuring messages to parents, as the Ministry is making every effort to prepare schools to be a safe environment to receive our students.

Regarding the first school days, she stressed the importance of attending in the first days, as the first day will be an introductory day, as schools will provide advice to students, especially those of a young age, and make sure to educate our students about precautionary matters and know the student’s schedule and place in the class and everything related to him in this matter.

There will be a great focus on awareness of precautionary measures, in addition to training students in the distance learning process – distributing books

Al-Khater called parents to the need for cooperation and solidarity for the success of this period, as happened in the previous period.

Mrs. Fawzia Khater assured parents that the plan followed is a flexible plan. In the event that any changes occur, there is an amendment to the plan and it is based on the interest of our children in the first place. There is a complete protocol for dealing in the event that Corona appears among students or teachers.
Pointing out that all the procedures followed are applied to all public and private schools because they need everyone’s commitment to them.

Parents are called upon to adhere to and diligently follow up their children, especially for the first grades and young ages 

Mechanism of working buses for students 

With regard to school buses, she said that parents have been contacted and all students benefiting from the delivery via school buses are counted, as the expected number on buses will be 30 percent.
A reminder for parents who want to register on buses that they need to register early and communicate with the school administration.

Al-Khater stated that there are some schools that are not overcrowded, in which the student’s attendance will be 100 percent. There are some schools in villages and specialized schools, their number is small, as they represent a third of the total number of the school.

The most important things that parents should focus on.
She called Al-Khater to create a safe learning environment at home to complete distance learning through the use of devices, distance learning and communication with teachers and colleagues.
And the provision of a device for each student with the specifications set by the Ministry of Education.
And follow-up and guidance of their children and communicate with teachers remotely to determine the level of their children
and ensure that students communicate with their colleagues through the educational platform available to students.

With regard to the school calendar, I explained that it is fixed, but there is flexibility in dealing with it so that it can be modified in the event of any changes to health developments to ensure the safety and security of our students and our children.

Mrs. Al-Khater concluded her meeting by talking about the goal of the blended education process for this year, which is for students to obtain adequate education, bridge the gap of educational loss, and successfully end the academic year for this year.