27 Jan 2018 – 12:11

Good catch: Fresh fish delivered to your doorstep

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By Anisha Bijukumar / The Peninsula Online

Buying and cleaning fresh seafood can be intimidating and add to that the recent move that saw the relocation of central fish market to Umm Salal.

This is probably one of the reasons behind the increasing number of online portals offering fresh seafood and meat in Qatar.

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Qfreshonline.com is one of the latest ones that offers over 40 varieties of fresh and saltwaters fish which can be ordered on its website or through its app. The company also plans to offer meat, chicken and beef in the coming week along with a future plan to provide fresh vegetables to its customers.

“Qfresh has tied up with local fish vendors to deliver fresh seafood at competitive prices. We visit the vendors to check for quality and then tie up with them,” says one of the official at Qfresh, a venture owned by Abdulla Al Shahin and entrepreneur Sajeer PK.

The official adds Qfresh allows you cash on delivery and also a refund in a rare case where the quality is not to customer satisfaction.

Fish.qa is another e-commerce site offering a variety of fresh seafood to your doorstep. With a rating system for sellers, the website exclusively offers only fish with shops from your locality listed according to their price.

Both these websites offer free delivery covering almost entire Qatar at a convenient time chosen by the customers.

Getit.qa is another website that introduced fishes and meat to its list of online shopping.

One of the Qfresh customers Divya Vipin says that weekend was the only time when we went out (to malls) to buy seafood but now we usually home deliver it often.  “Qfresh even cleans and cuts smaller fishes according to our requirement which usually malls refuse to do. Also in case we want a fillet, they even deliver that,” beams Divya, who finds cleaning fish a difficult task.