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The Qatar General Corporation for Kahramaa and Water (KAHRAMAA) and the National Service Academy celebrated yesterday morning the graduation of the first batch of the employees of the training program for recruits, after successfully completing all its theoretical and practical requirements, and passing its individual and group tests at an overall rate of more than 95%.
The graduation ceremony, which was held at the headquarters of Muqdam Camp, was witnessed by His Excellency Eng. Isa bin Hilal Al Kuwari, President of the Foundation, His Excellency Major General Hamad bin Hamad Al Nuaimi, Deputy Chief of Staff for Education and Training Affairs, and His Excellency Major General Saeed bin Hamad Al Nuaimi, President of the Academy, and those in charge of the program from both sides. The graduates are academic recruits.
Over a period of (3) months, the recruits received extensive theoretical and practical training on how to operate and manage water pumping stations, electricity and water installations, rationing techniques, and other areas related to the nature of the institution’s work, at the hands of a distinguished elite of KAHRAMAA engineers.
They underwent (300) training hours, which included the theoretical and practical sides, after they were distributed into (6) groups, taking into account the social distancing imposed by the Corona pandemic, keeping abreast of the precautionary measures, and ensuring that they benefit from the program better.
The program covered (3) technical specialties, namely: operating water pumping stations, energy and rationalization technologies, and water and electricity connections. Several workshops were held, during which recruits were trained on how to do these installations. During it, the recruits prepared (20) technical reports on (6) water pumping stations, including daily reports, unexpected malfunctions, and how to communicate with supervisors to report them as soon as they occurred.
Kahramaa noted the recruits ’commitment to safety and security requirements throughout the training period, blessing the graduates for their excellence, and their eagerness to acquire knowledge, praising his idea, which provided the protectors of the homeland with a suitable opportunity to manage pumping stations, hoping that the recruits would continue training to enrich their technical proceeds.
The graduates expressed their happiness with the qualitative training they received on KAHRAMAA systems, which enhanced their knowledge of the specifications applied by the institution, in accordance with the quality standards adopted locally and internationally, to ensure the continuous and safe delivery of services to subscribers.
It is noteworthy that the program came within the framework of the partnership agreement, which the Foundation signed with the Qatari Ministry of Defense, represented by the Academy, last October, and provides for strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields, especially training, as well as exchanging experiences, and implementing joint projects and initiatives related to the nature of work. Both sides.
“KAHRAMAA” is proud to prepare its theoretical and practical content, and to implement its phases to the fullest, to be the first government agency from outside the military sector to implement a deliberate program to hone the skills of non-military recruits and provide them with technical and technical expertise for operating the electricity and water sectors.