20 May 2018 – 8:37

MIA lecture highlights significance of fasting

The Peninsula

DOHA: The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) organised a lecture entitled: ‘Ramadan and Community Excellence’ by Dr Fathi Ahmed from the Center for Legislative and Ethical Studies at the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU).

The lecture, which was held in the series of activities of the MIA to celebrate the holy month and the commitment of Qatar Museums to build an authentic culture of creativity in Qatar and enrich the lives of its residents and visitors.

Dr. Fatih Ahmed explained that the importance of the topic lies in several axes, including the existing constitution of the State, which contains more than 10 articles emphasising excellence in human care, education, health and family, social and economic development and granting freedoms.

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The lecturer pointed out that the Qatar Foundation comprises about 50 societies, research centres and universities, all of which are dedicated to the development of human capabilities, as well as Qatar University, noting that the general trend in the country is moving towards excellence.

Fathi Ahmed spoke about the spirituality of holy Ramadan and what is distinguished from the rest of the months.

He said that fasting is a method favoured by Allah to be a remedy and a way to cure the diseases of the previous and subsequent nations, where there is a call for excellence in fasting to be better than the previous nations, pointing at the same time, it is pure worship which is the key to all good things.

He pointed out that one of the blessings of Ramadan and fasting is that the Holy Quran is revealed, which is the greatest book that mankind has known and Allah ensures that it is preserved until the Day of Judgment.

He also mentioned some of the values and actions that the individual needs to excel to overcome negative habits, and fasting is an opportunity to liberate the soul, mind and spirit from worshiping anything but Allah and that fasting gives the values and actions that an individual needs for excellence at the individual and collective level.