25 Apr 2018 – 9:15

Ministry of Awqaf readies about 1,200 mosques for Ramadan

By Sanaullah Ataullah | The Peninsula

DOHA: The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has readied about 1,200 mosques across the country to receive the worshipers during upcoming holy month of Ramadan with spacial focus on providing separate areas for women worshipers almost in all mosques.

According to the calendar and experts, May 16 is expected to be the first day of Ramadan in Qatar if the Crescent is sighted on the night of May 15.

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“The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs opened a total of 65 new mosques this year and preparation is going on to add about 20 more new mosques before Ramadan to accommodate growing number of worshipers,” said Mohamad bin Hamad Al Kuwari, Head of the Mosques Management Department at the Ministry.

Al Kuwari was speaking at a press conference held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to announce the readiness of the Department for upcoming Ramadan.

He said that the Ministry intensified efforts in carrying out necessary maintenance of the mosques, cleaning works and those related to providing necessities like washing and changing carpets to make the mosques fully ready for Ramadan.

“We awarded 14 tenders worth about QR110m to local private companies for cleaning about 1,059 mosques,” said Al Kuwari.

Al Kuwari added that female cleaners will be provided for women prayer areas at the masques during Ramadan where the number of women worshipers increased significantly.

Most of the mosques will have separate areas for women worshipers during Ramadan. “As per the strategy of the Ministry, new mosques should have separate places for women. Most of the mosques are having such facilities, only some which do not have, will be provided necessities to make divider under certain rules and regulations,” said Al Kuwari. He said that under Ramadan preparation, the spaces at the existing mosques have been increased as much as possible to accommodate big number of worshipers.

The mosques will be opened for longer during Ramadan compared to the other months of the year. “As per Ramadan schedule, mosques will remain open from half-an-hour before Asr prayer time till after Tarawih prayer,” said Al Kuwariand adding that during last ten days when late night prayer “Qiyamullail” is performed the timing will be increased more.

Qatari Imams will make remarkable contribution in leading prayers during upcoming Ramadan as the Ministry planned to appoint about five young Qatari Imams for ‘Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab’ Grand Mosque in Doha. “There are a total of 170 Qatari Imams at the Ministry and a new batch of Qatari Imams will join soon as their appointment is under process,” said Al Kuwari.