•   02 May 2018 – 10:11

      Ministry warns consumers against using ‘Durra’ stuffed grape leaves


      Doha: The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has called for the recall of “Durra” stuffed Grape leaves, produced in Jordan, for containing “Carbendazim” pesticide in excess of the maximum allowed limit permitted in food. The recall is for both 400 grams and 1,900 grams cans.

      The competent authorities of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce will monitor the process of withdrawing the product from all outlets in the country, and warned all consumers against buying or eating this product, and to return it to the outlet to obtain a refund.

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      The Ministry explained in a statement issued on Tuesday evening that the product was recalled under one of the provisions of the consumer protection act, stipulating that the supplier shall immediately, on discovery of a defect in the product or service which can harm the consumer when using the product or using the service, to inform the competent authority of the ministry and consumers about the potential damages and how to prevent them and to withdraw the defective goods from the market immediately, and to announce this in accordance with the provisions of the executive regulations of this law.

      The Ministry affirmed that it would be firm with all those who are negligent in carrying out their obligations under the consumer protection law and its executive regulations. The Ministry will intensify its inspection campaigns to control such practices and will transfer those who violate the laws and ministerial decisions to the competent authorities to take appropriate measures against them in order to protect consumer rights.

      The Ministry urged all consumers to report any abuses or irregularities to the Consumer Protection and Combating Commercial Fraud Department.