Salary and Employment Benefits in Doha Qatar

Salaries in Qatar are more or less similar to that in western nations. But, given the lack of personal taxation, net income is usually higher, and this is one of the major attractions of working in Qatar.
During the past, remuneration packages were divided into various elements like basic salary, car allowance, housing allowance, medical cover, children education and air tickets for home visits. Today, however, employers just pay a salary to cover all these expenses, although in few cases, there are other bonuses too.

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Apart from their salary, contract workers are awarded an ‘indemnity’ at the end of the contract period. The indemnity is calculated on the basis of basic salary (excluding bonuses). For those working in Qatar for a long time, indemnity can be a lot of money, as several people manage to accumulate considerable financial backup or live the high life. The indemnity is not related to insurance, but it is more of an end-of-the-term bonus, and is required by law to be paid to expatriate workers thanking them for serving the state. It is also known as ‘end-of-contract benefits’ or ‘end-of-service’ benefits. The indemnity scales are in the range 15 to 20 days of basic pay per year of employment for the first three years, and a month’s pay every year, thereafter.


A worker is entitled to an end of service gratuity, upon expiry of his service. The worker should have completed atleast five years of employment. The gratuity will be agreed upon by the two parties, provided it is not less than three-week wages for each year of employment (and if one exceeds 5 years of service, gratuity could even be calculate at 30 days per year). The last drawn basic wage will be the base for calculation of gratuity. The employer is entitled to deduct from service gratuity, the amount due to him by the worker, if any.


Annual leave
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The employer usually fixes the date of annual leave for the worker as per the work requirements and may divide the leave with the consent of the worker, provided, it should not be divided for more than two periods. In case the employee submits a written application for postponement of the annual leave, it can be postponed to next year, but, it should not be more than half of the annual leave. Some companies also offer payment in lieu of annual leave of the employee, equivalent to the wage of the employee for the leave days for which he is entitled, in case the contract is terminated before the worker claims his leave.
Generally, after one year of continuous service, employee is eligible for an annual paid leave of at least three weeks if the service is less than five years, and at least four weeks if the service is more than five years.

Sick Leave

As an employee, you are eligible for paid sick leave, but, this can be availed only on completion of three months in service, and on producing a medical certificate. You will be paid full wage, if your sick leave does not exceed two weeks.


Apart from annual leave, you will be offered leave for Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Independence Day, National Sports Day and other festive days as specified by the employer. Muslim employees are also eligible for pilgrimage leave without paying for maximum two weeks during the period of employment. Also, female employees can avail of maternity leave (50 days) on completion of one year of service.

Salaries in Qatar

According to 2014 Gulf Business Salary Survey, Qatar is the second best paying nation in the GCC in terms of average salaries, after Saudi Arabia.
The salaries in Qatar were 11.68 percent more than that in the UAE, with an average of $11,473 per month.
Moreover, Qatar is likely to be the top-paying destination in the GCC in future due to $200bn worth infrastructure investment planned over the next few years, including the 2022 FIFA World Cup, says recruiter BAC Middle East.
The monthly salaries in Qatar during the period 2014-15 have been in the range QR87,000 (maximum), QR17,144 (average), QR14,000 (median) and QR1200 (minimum).

Monthly Average Salaries Based on Occupation

Finance & Accounting, Manager QR37,240
Banking, Branch Manager QR38,230
HR Manager QR38,357
Lawyer, Manager QR38,903
Real Estate, Manager QR42,315
Information Technology, Manager QR44,339
Construction, Project Manager QR46,858
Banking, Treasury Manager QR51,169
CEO/MD, multinational QR1,11,797
CEO/MD local company QR79,828
Electrical Engineer QR95,701
Civil Engineer QR144,508
Design Architect QR125,987
Mechanical Engineer QR124,782
Project Engineer QR153,195
Project Manager, Construction QR350,073
Quantity Surveyor QR124,333

Average Monthly Salaries in Qatar Based on Job Category

Job Category Average Monthly Salary
Accommodation & food service QR 9,270
Accounting and Finance QR 12,794
Administration / Reception / Secretarial QR 7,383
Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management QR 23,844
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing QR 5,020
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense QR 16,856
Architecture QR 19,386
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation QR 11,357
Automotive QR 13,250
Banking QR 21,130
Care Giving and Child Care QR 8,000
Cleaning and Housekeeping QR 9,350
Construction / Building / Installation QR 17,292
Courier / Transport / Drivers QR 3,650
Customer Service and Call Center QR 12,780
Electrical and Electronics Trades QR 12,755
Electricity, Gas, Air-conditioning supply QR 20,550
Engineering QR 19,359
Environmental QR 25,333
Facilities / Maintenance / Repair QR 11,290
Factory and Manufacturing QR 31,213
Finance and Insurance QR 22,212
Hair/beauty/fitness QR 4,950
Health and Medical QR 18,491
Human Resources QR 16,904
Import and Export QR 12,266
Information Technology QR 18,524
Insurance QR 13,784
Marketing QR 17,870
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment QR 27,500
Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining QR 23,042
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology QR 12,875
Photography QR 17,000
Public Administration, Defence, Compulsory social security QR 25,123
Public Relations QR 21,333
Purchasing and Inventory QR 15,141
Quality Control and Compliance QR 15,382
Real Estate QR 13,000
Sales Retail and Wholesale QR 12,124
Science and Technical Services QR 7,500
Security/Fire QR 6,622
Teaching / Education QR 15,628
Telecommunication QR 17,026
Tourism/food/hospitality/catering QR7,683
Transportation and Storage QR 11,921
Watersupply, Sewage, Waste Management QR 14,891

The monthly average salary in Qatar has increased by 10 percent in comparison to the previous year. According to Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) Labour Force Survey for third quarter of 2014, average monthly wages in Qatar was QR10,761, marking an increase of 10 percent from the same period in previous year. The average monthly disposable salary in Qatar, after tax at present is QR12,124.27.

The average monthly salary in the private sector was QR6,883, which is more than thrice less than average in the government sector (QR22,781), while in semi-government a pay of about QR18,700 is expected, and about QR2,548 for domestic employee, the findings revealed.

According to QSA average salary, the most profitable jobs were in public administration and defence (QR24,258), followed by extraterritorial organizations (QR22,889), mining and quarrying (QR21,965), finance and insurance (QR20,957), electricity and gas and air-conditioning supply (QR20,231) and information and communication sector (QR20,062). Workers in construction sector received an average of QR4,811, while those in agriculture, forestry and fishing received QR5,020 on average.

However, the salaries in Qatar still reflect gender gap, with women being paid 15 percent less than men on an average, says QSA study. Also, women continue to be the minority in the workforce, accounting to only 14 percent of working population in Qatar.

Salary forecast for 2015

The Gulf Business Salary Survey has revealed that Qatar is the second best paying nation in the GCC after Saudi Arabia, while the latest figures from Aon Hewitt Global Salary Increase Survey indicate a strong and growing economy. The global talent, retirement and health solutions business reveals that companies across Qatar are showing an average pay increase of 5.2 percent in the year 2015. Although the figure is slightly lower than during 2014 and 2013 (5.6%), employees were given an average of only 5.1 percent increase in 2014.

Meanwhile, the Cost of Living Reports Middle East forecast reveals that businesses in Qatar are likely to tighten their belts when it comes to spending on salaries this year, with majority saying they expect to increase wages this year by a smaller rate than a year before.

Such a prediction comes amidst continuous growth in cost of living in Qatar, particularly, with regards to rental accommodations, which implies that people working here have less money in their pockets towards the month-end.

The latest figures from Aon Hewitt, a global recruitment organization showed that employees in Qatar may have slightly lower increase than its peers in the region, with Saudi Arabia and Oman projecting 5.4 percent growth, and Kuwait 5.3 percent. But, with 4.8 percent and 4.5 percent projections, the UAE and Bahrain’s increases are less than Qatar.



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