An expat has been sentenced to a jail term of 6 months and a fine of QR20, 000 has also been imposed on him for running over a young girl with his vehicle. It is worth pointing out that the 6 months sentence is a reduced one as prescribed by the Court of Appeal.

The defendant and his insurance company have also been directed to pay blood money amounting to QR200, 000 to the family of the young girl, local Arabic daily Ar-Rayah reported.

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However, the good news for the defendant was that he was acquitted of the murder charges. The young girl had unfortunately become a victim when the defendant was reversing his car and ran over her.

Meanwhile, another expat was ordered to pay a sum of QR70, 000 by a Doha Criminal Court to a person whom he had hit with his car while he was crossing the road. The motorist was also fined an amount of QR200 for driving recklessly. The victim of the accident has sustained grievous injuries in the incident and according to Ar-Rayah suffered 35% disability.

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