An employer can grant a written permission to his employees to work with another employer for a period of six months, renewable for a similar period. In a similar way, employees can take up part time job with another employer, with a written approval from his original employer, the Ministry of Interior said yesterday.
In a statement highlighting the salient features of the new residency law, the ministry clarified that expatriates staying out of the country for more than six months can re-enter the country with a “return visa”, within a year, if they hold a Qatari residency permit (RP) and after paying the fine.
Expats holding the Qatari RP have the right to get residency permit for their sons pursuing education until the age of 25 years, daughters who are not married and parents if there are genuine reasons.
A newborn baby can get residency permit within 90 days from the date of birth or the date of entering the country, if the parents hold a valid Qatari RP.
Anyone who enters the country on a visit visa or for other purposes are not required to undergo the mandatory medical checkup if they stay for a period not more than 30 days. Foreigners are not allowed to stay in the country after expiry of their visa if not renewed.
Expatriates living in Qatar can leave and enter the country using their Qatari IDs through the e-gates.
According to Law No 21 of 2015 regulating entry, exit and residency of expatriates, which was enforced on December 13, last year, expatriate worker can leave the country immediately after his employer inform the competent authorities about his consent for exit. In case the employer objected, the employee can lodge a complaint with the Exit Permit Grievances Committee which will take a decision within three working days.
Expatriate worker can change his job before the end of his work contract with or without the consent of his employer, if the contract period ended or after five years if the contract is open ended. With approval from the competent authority, the worker also can change his job if the employer died or the company vanished for any reason.
The employer must process the RP of his employees within 90 days from the date of his entry to the country.

Expat must leave within 90 days of visa expiry

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The employer must return the travel document (passport) to the employee after finishing the RP formalities unless the employee makes a written request to keep it with the employer. The employer must report to the authorities concerned within 24 hours if the worker left his job, refused to leave the country after cancellation of his RP, passed three months since its expiry or his visit visa ended.
If the visa or residency permit becomes invalid the expat needs to leave the country within 90 days from the date of its expiry.
The expat must not violate terms and the purpose for which he/she has been granted the residency permit and should not work with another employer without permission of his original employer.
In case of a dispute the Interior Minister or his representative has the right to allow an expatriate worker to work with another employer temporarily with approval from the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.