Bicycle outlets and leading sport shops suffered from a dip in the sales of bicycles since November. In spite of the sales promotions, customer would prefer the cheapest offer, an employee of a sport chain said.

“Some items, not listed to be on sale this month, were also included just to attract more buyers,” he said.

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The growing competition is also a factor to be considered for the dip in sales. Some competitors, he pointed out, are continuously investing and beefing up their marketing and public relations by sponsoring sport events and activities.

“Besides giving promos and discounts, such strategy works because a good image matters, it creates curiosity and entices people to try and use the product,” he said.

“In previous years, we did not give any promos during this time of the year because there is a surge in demand, and many customers do not even ask for a discount,” he said. “But now, it is totally different, they start to bargain.”

However, the bicycle market still remains optimistic as they believe that the demand will increase in coming days. “More professionals such as nurses, engineers, and accountant, etc, from different countries are coming to Qatar as the 2022 World Cup gets closer and would find cycling a good sport and hobby for them and their families,” he added.